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October | 2017

Three Ways to Accelerate Your Lean Journey
by Dan Markovitz, Markovitz Consulting


I spent two days in St. Louis last week at the Global Lean Leadership Conference. It’s a small conference—only about 150 people—consisting of companies that have embraced Paul Akers’s 2 Second Lean philosophy. Companies that wanted to join the conference were required to have the president attend (although there were many other people from those companies as well).



Future Trends and Opportunities in Quality Assurance
by David Jensen, Staff Writer, MasterControl


It’s impossible to know exactly what future trends will influence the direction and methodologies of quality assurance (QA). However, according to Bristol Myers Squibb executive Donna Gulbrinski, looking at how quality professionals overcome current challenges can lend some insight on future QA strategies and processes.


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Revisiting CAPA for a More Modern (and Effective) Approach
by Peter Knauer


Corrective action and preventive action (CAPA) policies and procedures have now been a mainstay for years in most life science companies’ quality management systems due to regulation adherence to standards. Across our business, and with our clients, we are seeing an increased emphasis on implementations across several standards and regulations, which address the needs of products marketed across multiple regulatory regions.



What is a Document Management System and 8 Reasons Your Company Probably Needs One
by Marci Crane, MasterControl Staff Writer


A document management system is a software solution that allows for the digital management of documentation. Today most documentation managed by document management systems is business-related. To put it simply, document management systems are designed to make tasks related to the management of documentation faster, easier and more efficient. Let’s take a deeper look into what a document management system can do for any company or organization.


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