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December | 2017

Holiday Party Hosting Tip: Get an eQMS
by David Jensen, MasterControl Staff Writer


It’s that time of year when we get together with family and friends and enjoy holiday festivities. Sure, all the mingling and merriment of a holiday party can be fun, but organizing an event — not so much. If you happen to be the designated planner/host of your holiday soiree, you may want to consider using an electronic quality management system (eQMS).



The Quality Leader's Guide to Quality 4.0
by Beth Pedersen, MasterControl Staff Writer


As a new calendar year approaches, the technology at our disposal is exceeded only by the number of ways it can be applied to improve communication, understanding, planning and productivity. In fact, the last decade has seen such rapid advances in areas like connectivity, mobility, analytics, scalability and data that it has sparked a fourth industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0.


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How Santa’s Kitchen Prepares for an FDA Inspection
by Marci Crane, MasterControl Staff Writer


In addition to the billions of toys produced annually by Mr. Santa Claus and his merry elves, there are a great deal of candy, cookies, chocolates, cakes and additional delicate treats produced in Santa’s kitchen facilities at the North Pole.



How Training Personnel on Your Quality System Can Produce Positive ROI. Don’t Stop at the Quality Manager
by Greg Peckford, Founder, Quality Career Advancement


Is the quality manager the only individual within an organization that requires training on quality and improvement methods? Absolutely not! In order for an organization to get the most value out of their quality program, and to ensure it is effective, is to train as many people as possible or even all employees, depending on the size of the company, on the concepts and strategies that its quality management system is based on.


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