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The Five Steps Toward Machine Learning

May 1, 2020 by Sue Marchant

Everyone in the business world wants to get artificial intelligence (AI) to work for them. The idea that a computer program can basically predict the future is enticing and exciting. What if you didn’t have to test a material to know if it would improve a medical device? What if you knew before implementing a change in the manufacturing line how much time it would save? What if you knew a change in a product component would double sales?

Those questions are all answerable. When talking about AI and machine learning (ML), we’re no longer discussing the theoretical scenarios science fiction is made of. We’re talking about what’s possible, and happening. That’s an amazing thought, but even more amazing is how few life sciences companies are taking advantage of these technologies. Many want to use AI/ML applications, but few have the means to do so. The process is a long one, so the best approach is to take one step at a time.

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