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How to Embark on a Digital Transformation

July 2, 2020 by Sara Bresee

In recent years, investments in core information technologies have accelerated and expanded across manufacturing sectors. As new digital technologies make it possible to gather and analyze greater amounts of data across machines and functions, manufacturers can be faster, more flexible and more efficient in producing higher-quality products.

Of course, digital transformation requires more than just purchasing and implementing software or hardware. For life sciences manufacturers, digital transformation means numerous workflow processes must be reviewed, multiple sites and siloed departments must be incorporated, legacy equipment and paper-based systems must be integrated or replaced, and other existing data sources must be consolidated. There are also scalability, security, regulatory and usability factors to consider.

It can be a massive, time-consuming undertaking. Where do you even start? Digitizing an organization’s existing systems and processes requires both a realistic short-term strategy and a patient long-term commitment. Below are a few best practices to consider when starting a digital transformation journey.

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