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Digitization and Lean Principles

January 30, 2020 by Dave Edwards, Executive Vice President, MasterControl

By Dave Edwards, Executive Vice President, MasterControl

Life sciences manufacturing in 2019 is a dynamic, immensely competitive space in which new markets, ever-changing regulations and exponentially evolving technologies require the C-suite to look for ways to reduce overhead and create greater efficiencies on the shop floor. This imperative means looking for opportunities to improve levels of quality and harnessing new technological tools that will reduce delays and waste, speed up production processes, and help companies achieve greater ROI. The implementation of greater efficiencies and more effective, faster processes on the shop floor translate directly to the continued solvency and profitability of your organization.

Years ago, when I was a manufacturing manager with medical device maker Danaher, I found that adapting to changes on the shop floor is a situational imperative and a critical part of production. There are specific goals executives and managers are trying to hit each year, but the overarching objective is to continuously improve product quality and the experience of the customer.

A key method manufacturing leaders use to keep operations tight is lean, the systematic school of thought for waste minimization in manufacturing processes that doesn’t sacrifice productivity. Based largely on the Toyota Production System, lean techniques can help manufacturers achieve gains through the reduction of non-value-added activities and costs.

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