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Annual Huntsman Cancer Foundation Gala Celebrates Cancer Research and Philanthropy

October 18, 2018 by Seeth Mcgavien


Annual Huntsman Cancer Foundation Gala Celebrates Cancer Research and Philanthropy

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA – October 18, 2018 – The Huntsman Cancer Foundation (HCF) Gala, an annual evening of celebration to honor and recognize the year’s most significant cancer research and philanthropic contributions, took place at Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City on September 20.

As an active supporter and partner of the Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) and HCF, MasterControl again sponsored a 10-person table and was represented by several employees at the event.

This year’s gala paid tribute to the life and work of the HCF’s founder and principal benefactor, Jon M. Huntsman, whose dream was to eradicate cancer from the face of the earth. Huntsman passed away in February.

Amid the traditional gala festivities, the highlight of the evening was the research and philanthropy itself. Several presentations showcased the advances in cancer research made by HCI, along with the philanthropic contributions of HCF’s biggest supporters. Plans to expand the University of Utah Hospital were also announced.

Executive Vice President Matt Lowe was among the MasterControl employees in attendance.

“I really enjoyed hearing about the research taking place at HCI and the breakthroughs that are being made on a regular basis,” Lowe said of his experience at the gala. “The personal stories of patients, physicians and researchers were very poignant and made the battle against cancer much more real.”

Mike Armstrong, a senior manager of enterprise triage and development at MasterControl, also attended.

“The Huntsman Cancer Institute is an absolutely incredible organization,” Armstrong said. “The work they are doing is second to none. They give us hope for the future.”

About the Huntsman Cancer Foundation

In 1995, the Jon and Karen Huntsman family started the Huntsman Cancer Foundation (HCF) to ensure the future of cutting-edge research at HCI. By funding efforts to better understand the beginnings of cancer and more effectively treat cancer, HCF helps relieve suffering and improve the quality of life for cancer patients, survivors, and their families. HCF encourages cancer patients, caregivers and donors to come together in myriad ways to fight cancer individually and collectively through fundraising programs and community outreach.

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