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MasterControl Maps 2018 Trends with Three White Papers

May 14, 2018, 09:00 AM by User Not Found

MasterControl Maps 2018 Trends with Three White Papers

SALT LAKE CITY—May 14, 2018—MasterControl Inc., a leading global provider of software solutions that enable life science and other regulated companies to deliver life‐improving products to more people sooner, announced today it has added three white papers outlining key trends for pharmaceutical, medical device and the nutraceutical industries. 

“In order to provide the most effective products and services to our clients, it is critical we keep an ear on the ground and an eye toward the future,” said Matt Lowe, executive vice president of product at MasterControl. “We have produced a series of white papers that outline and define the top trends that all pharmaceutical, medical device and nutraceutical companies should take into consideration as they conduct business in a highly competitive global environment.”

1. Pharmaceutical Trends: The pace of the pharmaceutical sector in 2018 continues, as forecasted, to be fast and furious. Transformational changes and sustained disruption in the industry present opportunities and challenges even as the demand for pharmaceutical products in traditional and emerging markets reaches new heights. The top trends include:

  • Trend #1: Turning to Artificial Intelligence to Speed Up the Drug Discovery Process
  • Trend #2: Serialization as a Solution to a More Secure Supply Chain
  • Trend #3: Stemming the Flow of Substandard and Falsified Drugs with CGMPs
  • Trend #4: Continued Concerns about Compounding Drugs and Interstate Commerce
  • Trend #5: 21st Century Cures Act Moves Industry Toward Real-World Experience in Drug Approvals

Read the blog and get the full white paper at:

2. Medical Device Trends: Despite a complex and uncertain regulatory arena, technology and innovation show no signs of slowing down in the medical device industry. This white paper examines trends that will significantly impact the medical device industry this year and offers tips on how medical device companies can respond to the trends in order to maintain a strong, competitive presence in the industry.

  • Trend #1: Software in Medical Devices Will Become More Common — and Complex
  • Trend #2: Atypical Medical Device Technology Will Become More Typical
  • Trend #3: Medical Device Industry Will Experience More Challenges with “Proving” Compliance
  • Trend #4: Regulatory Authorities Will Continue to Emphasize Human Factors Engineering
  • Trend #5: De Novo Pathway Will Become Easier and Faster

Read the blog and see the full white paper at:

3. Nutraceutical Trends: Business is booming for nutraceuticals as consumers turn to vitamins, minerals, herbs, innovative foods and other natural products to improve their health. Quality is more important than ever in the developing nutraceutical industry and this white paper breaks down this trend into several categories that are gaining momentum in 2018.

  • Trend #1: Exploring Different Delivery Methods
  • Trend #2: Blurring the Line Between Foods and Supplements
  • Trend #3: Getting Creative with Protein
  • Trend #4: Qualifying Suppliers and Raw Ingredients
  • Trend #5: Conducting Clinical Trials on Nutraceuticals

Read the blog and get the full white paper at:

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