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MasterControl Unveils v11.5 with Unique User Interface

May 11, 2016 by System

NEWS - MasterControl Unveils v11.5 with Unique User Interface

Industry Leader Continues to Set Benchmark for Enterprise Quality Management Software

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, USA - May 12, 2016 - MasterControl Inc., a leading global provider of Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) and quality consulting services for regulated businesses, now offers a new version of its successful software suite. MasterControl v11.5 is the first major release to focus entirely on the user experience (UX). MasterControl calls it their 'Beautiful User Experience' initiative. This approach to delivering exceptional experiences aligns MasterControl's powerful product functionality with its user interface (UI).

MasterControl v11.5

MasterControl's new UI greatly increases a user's ability to perform job tasks, access data, make critical decisions, and connect workflows—which have been common challenges for users across all competitive solutions in the EQMS market. This new intuitive UI increases the ease of use in core modules like audit, corrective and preventive action (CAPA), document control, and training.

Other enhancements were made in MasterControl v11.5 in order to continue MasterControl's legacy of helping highly-regulated businesses meet regulations, improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and get products to market faster.

"MasterControl v11.5 reflects the significant investment we've made in improving not only how our product looks, but it addresses the entire user experience as well," said Matt Lowe, MasterControl Executive Vice President. "This enables our customers to get the most out of our products and make their jobs easier."

With customer success at the forefront of its user experience strategy, MasterControl completely overhauled the UI to make it easier for the user to learn, understand and use. Not only does the revamped interface offer a cleaner, sleeker look, but the intuitive design is also more engaging and provides a greatly improved work process. The v11.5 interface makes it easy for users to move between product modules while maintaining a consistent, recognizable feel across applications.

MasterControl thoughtfully designed v11.5 for every point of contact, meaning all user touch points are connected. As a result of MasterControl's holistic approach to UX, users don't always need to jump to a different module to perform related tasks. The new Hubs replace the landing pages formally associated with each MasterControl module. The Hubs contain tiles with critical information and tasks which allow users to easily navigate between pages or perform additional tasks. This creates a truly connected workflow that aligns more directly to how users perform their jobs.

Also in the MasterControl v11.5 UI, the left-side navigation menu of the former interface has been replaced with a more modern, streamlined navigation bar. This is intended to alleviate the "menu chasing" that often occurred as sub-menus expanded and contracted in previous versions.

"This step in product development demonstrates how MasterControl not only listens to our customers but also strives to meet their current and future needs," said Rob Thomas, MasterControl's User Experience Director. "As we continue to lead the QMS industry in many ways, there will always be ongoing development to create even more dynamic elements and customization beyond v11.5. We are very excited about the progress in v11.5 and look forward to working with our customers to improve their experience even more in the future."

About MasterControl Inc.

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