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MasterControl Reports Substantial 2015 Growth and Solidifies Position as Leading Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) Provider for Regulated Companies

Jun 28, 2017, 20:44 PM by System

NEWS - MasterControl Reports Substantial 2015 Growth and Solidifies Position as Leading Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) Provider for Regulated Companies

Company's Success Reflects Burgeoning Quality and Compliance Needs of Highly Regulated Life Science Industries at Both the Enterprise and SMB Market Levels

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, USA - March 30, 2016 - MasterControl Inc., a leading global provider of enterprise quality management software (EQMS) and quality consulting services for regulated businesses, today announced that 2015 was a record-setting year.

MasterControl secured a 19 percent increase in sales across the enterprise and small and medium business (SMB) markets, which marks the seventh consecutive year of double-digit annual growth for the company. MasterControl reports an extremely high customer retention rate of 97 percent, which exceeds enterprise software standards. Company executives note that the high customer retention rate is due to mature product offerings and exemplary customer support, both of which provide customers achievable ROI from working with MasterControl. Also in 2015, MasterControl expanded its business to Australia, India and China, and saw an 85 percent increase of sales in Europe.

In addition to enhanced relationships with several large enterprise customers, MasterControl addressed the SMB space by offering its Spark™ quality management software solution. This allowed MasterControl to achieve significant market expansion, particularly with small life science and other regulated manufacturers. Company leaders also emphasize how MasterControl’s strong relationships with global regulatory bodies continue to instill buyer confidence, which contributes to consistent annual growth.

"Our breadth of EQMS solutions built specifically for life sciences and other regulated companies puts us in a strong competitive position and allows our customers to leverage their investment," said Jon Beckstrand, MasterControl's CEO. "MasterControl equips companies with the solutions they need to automate their quality and other business processes to improve productivity across the enterprise, ensure compliance, and accelerate time to market."

"Our employees come from the industries we serve, so we understand how EQMS products can take away the frustrations and time-draining quality and compliance tasks that stall company productivity and performance," Beckstrand continued. "This leads to maintaining customer satisfaction and retention."

MasterControl at a Glance:

  • MasterControl Inc. is a private company founded in 1993
  • 20+ years profitable growth, sustained almost 20 percent annual growth since 2008
  • Added 66 new employees last year, for a total 300 employees in 2015
  • More than 1,000 customers in 33 countries, and nearly 1 million users worldwide
  • Solutions used by five of the largest regulatory agencies in the world
  • Launched MasterControl Spark™, a cloud-based quality management solution for the SMB space that is scalable and built with the same core features as the MasterControl EQMS
  • The first company in the world to successfully complete a full certification audit to the newly revised ISO 9001:2015 standard
  • MasterControl Company Mission: To make life-changing products available to more people sooner
  • MasterControl Vision: Quality and compliance as a business accelerator

About MasterControl

MasterControl Inc. is a committed team of quality, regulatory and software experts who work to empower regulated companies to get their products to market faster. MasterControl's quality management software solutions reduce overall costs, increase efficiency and accelerate compliance, creating a significant competitive advantage for customers. Drawing upon unparalleled industry experience, MasterControl offers a suite of seamlessly integrated and scalable software solutions for quality management, document control, product lifecycle management, supplier management, audit management, training management and much more. MasterControl's complete quality management solution is designed for easy implementation, validation and use, continually improving on the promise of Compliance Accelerated.

For more information about MasterControl, visit or call 1.800.825.9117 (U.S.); +44 (0) 1256 325 949 (Europe); +81 (03) 5422 6665 (Japan); or +61 (3) 9717 9727 (Australia).

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