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MasterControl Partners with EMC to Integrate Enterprise Content Management Technologies

Jun 28, 2017, 20:43 PM by System

News - Documentum Integration

MasterControl Partners with EMC to Integrate Enterprise Content Management Technologies

SALT LAKE CITY – May 15, 2007 – MasterControl Inc. today announced that it has entered into a technology partnership with EMC Corporation, a leading provider of information infrastructure solutions, to allow easy integration of MasterControl Training™ with the EMC Documentum enterprise content management (ECM) platform. MasterControl will showcase its software solutions at the EMC World Conference on May 21-24 in Orlando, Fla.

"Our partnership with EMC in the area of enterprise content management will provide important support for life science companies in two ways. For Documentum users, it means a readily available solution for optimizing their training control and other GxP processes. And for those already using both Documentum and MasterControl, it means expanding the usability of their systems for greater efficiency," said Michael Bothe, MasterControl vice president of business development.

MasterControl, a global provider of GxP process and document management software solutions for life science companies, recently unveiled MasterControl Document Connections™, a module that enables companies to easily integrate their Documentum system with MasterControl Training.

Through MasterControl Document Connections, Documentum users will be able to complement their systems with robust MasterControl features. The key benefits of this integration include:

  • Any document change in the Documentum environment significant enough to require training will automatically trigger the appropriate training tasks in MasterControl Training for all affected employees. MasterControl Training automates assignment, monitoring, and verification of training tasks, as well as grading of online examinations. It allows sequencing of training courses, so when a prerequisite is completed, the next course is automatically launched. The system also tracks and shows any training deficiencies that might jeopardize compliance.
  • Multiple connections can be made to multiple electronic repositories. This is beneficial for companies that may have documents stored in multiple systems (e.g., SOPs in one and engineering drawings in another), but would like to trigger training when changes occur in either.
  • Documentum can be integrated with MasterControl Training without the need for expensive custom coding, so the integration is cost-effective.
  • Through links, a Documentum user can launch MasterControl forms (such as CAPA, change control, nonconformance disposition, and deviation management forms), pulling out relevant information stored in Documentum into the form.

A MasterControl team will demonstrate MasterControl solutions at Booth 735 in Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., during the EMC World Conference.

MasterControl considers software validation an integral part of software solutions for FDA-regulated customers. It offers a continuum of validation products and services that address different levels of software validation needs based on individual risk assessment. MasterControl's continuous validation approach dramatically cuts the time, pain, and cost involved in validating a system.

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