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MasterControl MD and MasterControl Supplier Solutions to be Showcased at 2010 MD&M West Expo

Jun 28, 2017, 20:43 PM by System

NEWS - MasterControl MD™ and MasterControl Supplier™ Solutions to be Showcased at 2010 MD&M West ExpoSALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA - January 18, 2010 - MasterControl Inc., a global provider of business process management software solutions, today announced that the end-to-end MasterControl MD™ software solution and the MasterControl Supplier™ software solution will be featured products at the Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West trade show at booth 1723 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA from February 9-11, 2010. (Click here to register for a demo.)

The MD solution has been specifically designed to help medical device companies get their products to market faster while improving compliance. MasterControl MD allows cross-functional teams to efficiently collaborate on critical documents and processes, thereby accelerating the development cycle. The solution's comprehensive capabilities will be demonstrated throughout the duration of the MD&M West expo.

"MasterControl's MD offering is a utopian solution for medical device companies looking to get their products to market faster while simultaneously improving compliance," said Matthew M. Lowe, MasterControl vice president and medical device expert. "MasterControl MD can help every team throughout the enterprise to streamline their processes, whether they are working in operations, product development, manufacturing, quality, purchasing, or regulatory departments."

Mr. Lowe will be MasterControl's expert demonstrator at the MD&M West expo. He is a mechanical engineer with nearly a decade of experience in the medical device industry. At Ortho Development Corp., he developed instruments and implants for total knee arthroplasty. Later, he served as the knee-product manager. Before joining MasterControl in 2006, he was a product manager at Bard Access Systems, where he was responsible for strategic marketing of enteral feeding products. He also served as an R&D engineer and developed subcutaneous infusion ports and related procedural components for Bard. Since 2000, Mr. Lowe has successfully launched more than a dozen medical devices. He has one patent issued and two others pending. His regulatory experience includes writing a 510(k) that was cleared by the FDA and managing a multi-site, multi-year post-market clinical study for orthopedic devices. He has a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Utah and an MBA from Indiana University.

The MasterControl solutions included in MasterControl MD are:

The MasterControl Supplier™ software solution features a user-friendly interface for accessing all documentation and records pertaining to suppliers and allows organizations to readily and efficiently maintain Approved Vendor Lists (AVLs) down to the individual goods and services that each vendor is approved to supply. Supplier quality and status can be effectively tracked and monitored with the Supplier solution. MasterControl Supplier stores all supplier-related information in a single, secure, easily accessible repository, helping companies maintain supplier compliance.

These and other MasterControl's medical device-related products and services will be showcased at the MasterControl booth (#1723) at MD&M West throughout the exposition. Demonstrations will also include, but not be limited to, other MasterControl software solutions, such as:

  • MasterControl BOM™ (Bill of Materials) is a valuable tool for medical device developers and other manufacturing companies that need to integrate the BOM with the document management system, thereby allowing multiple revisions to be approved and used for reference while permitting all departments to have easy viewing of in-process changes. The flexible, easy-to-use BOM solution controls the multiple iterations of a BOM generated during the design process and enables users to exchange BOM data with suppliers, buyers, and planners. MasterControl BOM insures that all departments have an accurate, updated view of the revision levels of every component in their particular configurations.

  • MasterControl PDM Connectors facilitate collaboration and redlining on PDF versions of drawings while insuring that the PDF copies in the MasterControl system stay in sync with native files in the PDM solution. MasterControl PDM Connectors link CAD systems with the highest level of document control to create an ideal master management system. The PDM connectors now available from MasterControl interface with the most popular PDM solutions in the industry, including Enterprise PDM® PDMWorks® from SolidWorks and PTC's Pro/IntraLink® and Windchill®.

  • MasterControl Projects™ connects project plans to assigned tasks, providing automatic updates as soon as tasks are completed. The Projects solution manages document-oriented and process-based tasks, including tasks external to the MasterControl system. The solution includes automatic task assignment, routing, escalation, and tracking capabilities. Most importantly, it connects all the members of a project team, ensuring improved communication, better project control, and faster project completion.

For more information about how MasterControl solutions can help your medical device company streamline processes and maintain compliance, contact a member of the MasterControl team today.

For more information about the 2010 MD&M West conference and exposition, visit the official MD&M website.

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