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MasterControl ENG Solution Accelerates Time to Market for Manufacturers

Jun 28, 2017, 20:44 PM by System


MasterControl ENG Solution Accelerates Time to Market for Manufacturers

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA - May 6, 2009 - MasterControl Inc., a global provider of document, audit, and quality management software solutions, today announced the availability of the MasterControl ENG™ solution and associated MasterControl services. The end-to-end MasterControl ENG offering is a utopian solution that drastically reduces the time required to get a product to market by allowing cross-functional teams to efficiently collaborate on critical documents and processes.

"MasterControl ENG allows organizations to maximize engineering efficiency by connecting the enterprise throughout the product lifecycle," said Brian Curran, MasterControl Senior V.P. Strategic Marketing and Product Management. "The end result of implementing the ENG product is accelerated development and diminished risk of poor product quality."

MasterControl enables the entire development team to perform and communicate tasks more efficiently using tools with which they are already familiar and proficient. Some of the benefits that MasterControl ENG offers that can help get products to market more rapidly include:

  • Collaboration workspaces that offer the capability to involve multiple departments, outside suppliers, consultants, etc.
  • A means to easily organize design history files and technical dossiers
  • Electronic collaborations and approvals across geographically dispersed design teams that maximize the effectiveness of design reviews and ease the design transfer to manufacturing
  • Automated approval workflows that eliminate time otherwise wasted waiting for approval signatures
  • A Web-based system that involves manufacturing, marketing, quality, and regulatory personnel early in the development cycle to maximize the likelihood of product success.

MasterControl offers out-of-the-box, best practices configuration for compliance to standards such as 21 CFR Part 820 and ISO 13485. Companies can make efficiency and compliance synonymous throughout the enterprise with tools that make product development and quality more efficient. Specifically:

  • Design engineers can remain in their native CAD environments and still share essential product specs with the rest of the enterprise
  • Quality professionals achieve compliance without deterring the development cycle
  • Regulatory specialists can use MasterControl to participate in the development cycle and are able to easily repurpose documentation for use in regulatory submissions
  • Automated status tracking functionality insures supplier compliance

MasterControl offers not only seamless integration, but the capability to expand as enterprises grow, develop, and thrive. Benefits of the MasterControl ENG solution include:

  • Tightly integrated applications
  • Seamless integration with the tools personnel use every day, i.e., CAD, Outlook, Word, MS Project, etc.
  • As companies mature, additional beneficial MasterControl solutions - such as MasterControl Process™ and MasterControl Training™ - can be added to fit expanding needs
  • MasterControl serves as a single source for product definition, providing a central repository for all drawings, specs, manufacturing procedures, inspection criteria, marketing collaterals, bills of materials, etc.

The MasterControl ENG solution efficiently manages the continual deluge of product spec iterations and keeps manufacturing, purchasing, document control, and the supply chain up to date. Design engineers can continue to work in the CAD environments where they are most familiar without running the risk of non-compliance or hampering the development cycle. Additionally, the solution ensures that documents crucial to manufacturing processes are always up to date.

MasterControl ENG is not only an invaluable asset for engineering teams but for manufacturing, operations, quality, purchasing, and regulatory personnel as well. Manufacturing and operations personnel are connected by MasterControl earlier in the development process. The MasterControl system gives them the capability to provide input that inevitably reduces manufacturing costs and lines up the supply chain more rapidly.

Quality professionals can utilize the ENG solution to gain more insight into the development process and resulting documentation, areas where there is generally a lack of control. MasterControl can be used to properly maintain a rapidly evolving Approved Vendor List (AVL) and make certain it is used appropriately.

Purchasing departments are provided with a single source for product specifications and approved vendor information. Managers have an overview of changes in processes and can utilize the system to enhance efficiency and prevent rework or scrapped product. MasterControl also gives users the assurance that purchasing decisions are always based on correct and up-to-date data.

With MasterControl, regulatory professionals have the means to effortlessly collaborate with cross-functional development teams to gather documentation for submissions to regulatory entities like the FDA. Because it provides a single access point for all regulatory information, even correspondence with regulatory agencies can be stored and tracked in the MasterControl system.

MasterControl ENG can serve as a comprehensive solution for any organization regardless of existing in-house capabilities. Whether the organization simply needs training on the system's functionality or requires assistance configuring the system to specific needs, ENG can be packaged with any level of service and support the organization requires. An organization lacking knowledge of particular requirements that must be addressed can have MasterControl's expert advisory team analyze the circumstances and develop and clearly map out those requirements.

Product components of MasterControl ENG include:

Service components of MasterControl ENG include:

  • MasterControl Portal System Administrator Training™
  • MasterControl Documents System Administrator Training™
  • MasterControl BOM System Administrator Training™
  • MasterControl Projects System Administrator Training™
  • MasterControl Supplier System Administrator Training™
  • MasterControl PDM Connectors System Administrator Training™
  • MasterControl Project Management Services
  • MasterControl Remote Installation & IQ Execution Service™
  • MasterControl Validation Services
  • MasterControl Professional Services™
  • MasterControl Technical Support

The MasterControl Documents, BOM, PDM Connectors, and Supplier solutions inclusive in the MasterControl ENG package provide an enterprise with core functionality for product lifecycle management (PLM) while simultaneously maintaining ease of use and accessibility. MasterControl's extensive experience with enterprise document management is invaluable for organizations that require successful deployment of a PLM system. While most PLM vendors are accustomed to only working with extremely technical engineering, MasterControl can help prevent mixed results when deploying a highly technical application across a varied user base.

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MasterControl produces software solutions that enable regulated companies to get their products to market faster, while reducing overall costs and increasing internal efficiency. MasterControl securely manages a company's critical information throughout the entire product lifecycle. Our software is known for being easy to implement, easy to validate and easy to use. MasterControl solutions include quality management, document management/document control, product lifecycle management, audit management, training management, bill of materials, supplier management, submissions management, and more. Supported by a comprehensive array of services based on industry best practices, MasterControl provides our customers with a complete information management solution across the entire enterprise. For more information about MasterControl, visit, or call: 800-825-9117 (U.S.); +44 118 9812838 (Europe); or 03-6801-6147 (Japan).

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