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MasterControl Announces Availability of Discounted Pricing for Not-for-Profit Organizations

Jun 28, 2017, 20:43 PM by System

MasterControl Announces Availability of Discounted Pricing for Not-for-Profit Organizations

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA - October 7, 2010 - MasterControl Inc. announced today that special discounted pricing for its quality management software solutions will be offered to not-for-profit organizations.

"Not-for-profit organizations operate far differently than the rest of the corporate world," said MasterControl Product Manager, Blood and Biologics Expert Rob Carpenter. "Despite being in the business of helping people, not-for-profit organizations still have a business to run and must be cost sensitive and deal with limited resources and thin operating margins. They have to be fiscally minded while still working toward saving lives, improving individuals' quality of life, and benefiting the greater good."

To facilitate the efforts of not-for-profit organizations in life sciences industries, MasterControl, recognizing the challenges of not-for-profit organizations, is introducing special discounted pricing to new not-for-profit customers. The primary purpose of this program is to help not-for-profit companies continue to save and enhance lives, cure and prevent disease, and reach out to the communities they serve, all while becoming more efficient and staying compliant regulatory agencies.

MasterControl's aim is to help not-for-profit organizations achieve their goals more efficiently and with greater compliance through the implementation of MasterControl Documents™, MasterControl Process™, and MasterControl Training™ modules. Use of the MasterControl Suite of products allows not-for-profit agencies do more with less by:

  • Eliminating Paper – No more manuals to control at remote locations
  • Automating Workflows – No more lost documents during approval routing
  • Automating Training – Training tasks are automatically launched to appropriate personnel when documents are revised
  • Automating Reports – Trending reports are always current with real time reporting

Many not-for-profit organizations provide cutting-edge research activities to prevent and cure disease. With MasterControl solutions, companies can prevent and cure diseases with greater cost efficiency and reduced manual effort. By using innovative solutions such as MasterControl Collaboration™ and MasterControl Guest Connect™, research and development organizations can share documents with researchers, clinicians, and clients in a secure and controlled environment allowing invited parties to participate in document review and changes without having to grant them access to the full MasterControl system.

For more information about the special discounted pricing offered to new not-for-profit customers, contact a MasterControl representative by calling 800-825-9117 or send an e-mail to

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