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MasterControl Adds #1 Requested Feature to Its Software in 48-Hour Codefest

Jun 28, 2017, 20:45 PM by System

MasterControl Adds #1 Requested Feature to Its Software in 48-Hour Codefest

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Oct. 12, 2016 - At the first day of the 2016 MasterControl Masters Summit user conference, 300 MasterControl customers decided on their #1 collective request for the quality management system. Jon Beckstrand, MasterControl CEO led the brainstorm and called on the developers to conduct a closed-door Codefest and emerge within 48 hours with a solution.

Within the first hour of MasterControl's week-long annual Master's Summit user conference, Beckstrand, challenged 300 of their top customers to determine in a focus session their #1 enhancement request of MasterControl's award winning Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS). His promise was to code that enhancement during the Summit by putting their engineering team to task via a 48-hour Hackathon. "We believe MasterControl is the only EQMS provider that can make that challenge and meet it, said Beckstrand. "Our ability is matched only by our commitment to our customers to provide what they need, when they need it!"

What was the task the customers put to MasterControl in this industry first challenge? The final customer demand was to upgrade the "My Tasks" feature in a way that will empower users to organize and prioritize all the tasks that the MasterControl software calls out for them. The process of vetting, validating and upgrading this feature speaks to the core mission of MasterControl in meeting its customers' needs.

Currently users have a list of tasks that include where training is needed, document approvals, collaboration, process forms and so on. Essentially every action item from document management to audits to training is listed in the My Tasks section. While now, users can sort by name and date, going forward, they will be able to sort, filter and prioritize their view of tasks in the most efficient and effective way.

Matt Lowe executive vice president of MasterControl said, "This new customer-requested My Tasks feature enhancement, will impact every single user of the MasterControl software. In fact, this is the most used feature; making these new features will enhance the user experience for everyone. Furthermore, being able to produce this feature in such a short amount of time is also a testament of the skill and commitment of our development team."

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