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FutureLogic Selects MasterControl Integrated Software Solution to Automate its Document Control and Quality Processes

Jun 28, 2017, 20:45 PM by System

FutureLogic Selects MasterControl Integrated Software Solutionto Automate its Document Control and Quality Processes

SALT LAKE CITY - June 13, 2005 - MasterControl Inc. today announced that FutureLogic, the innovator of the thermal printing technology has selected the MasterControl™ quality management suite to automate its document control and other quality processes and ensure adherence to ISO standards.

"We are a fast-growing company and we realize the strategic importance of an effective electronic document control system in obtaining ISO approval," said Cindy M. Sennett, FutureLogic's document control manager. "Our management liked MasterControl for its overall features and cost-effectiveness and agreed that it's the best software for us."

FutureLogic, based in Glendale , Calif. , is the leader in specialized thermal printer design and manufacturing. The 22-year-old company's extraordinary success in the casino industry, where its best-selling printer is installed in almost all cashless gaming machines, has made its thermal printer design the industry standard. FutureLogic also provides thermal printers to POS, medical, industrial, and agricultural markets. It offers custom engineering solutions for any assembly that uses a thermal printer.

Like other manufacturers that conform to ISO 9000 quality standards, FutureLogic is required to establish a system that stores and manages documents related to the implementation, maintenance, and improvement of its quality management system.

?The MasterControl software solution is the result of more than a decade of experience in ISO and FDA environments. We're excited to be able to share this expertise with FutureLogic,? said Jon Beckstrand, CEO of MasterControl . He said FutureLogic's selection shows the diversity of industries that benefit from MasterControl, which is widely used in the life sciences sector.

FutureLogic plans to use MasterControl throughout its operations, beginning with engineering, production planning, quality, and purchasing departments, according to Sennett. MasterControl is 100 percent Web-based, so employees, customers, contractors, and vendors can participate in quality processes from virtually anywhere. FutureLogic will be implementing the following:

  • MasterControl Documents™ - The essential building block within the MasterControl suite, this software manages and controls documents in a secure environment. It can handle all types of documents regardless of the software used to create them. Document types, vaults, lifecycles, routes, and users' roles are all configurable.
  • MasterControl Forms™ - This module automates forms-based processes, such as audits, nonconformances, deviations, and customer complaints. It makes the transition from a manual/hybrid system to an automated solution easier because it allows users to create electronic forms identical to their existing hard-copy forms. Companies can also design new forms to suit their needs.
  • MasterControl Training™ - This software allows the creation and deployment of simple or extensive training courses that require trainees to learn their tasks and demonstrate competency. It seamlessly integrates with MasterControl Documents to automatically task trainees when required SOPs or other documents change and a new training becomes necessary.
  • MasterControl PDF Publishing™ - With this module, a company can put a stop to unauthorized circulation of printed and electronic ?rogue? documents. It preserves record authenticity, enhances security, and improves compliance by restricting users' rights to copy or revise documents.

About MasterControl

Based in Salt Lake City , MasterControl has been at the forefront of providing innovative electronic quality management systems since 1993. MasterControl provides a configurable, easy-to-use, and integrated system to help companies effectively manage change control, training control, audits, corrective/preventive action (CAPA), and other forms-based quality processes under a single Web-based platform. MasterControl also offers comprehensive technical and customer support, including product training, installation, implementation, and validation services. Over 400 companies worldwide use MasterControl to comply with FDA regulatory requirements and ISO quality standards.



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