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Ceramatec Internationally Recognized Research and Development Company Successfully Migrates to Web-based MasterControl System

Jun 28, 2017, 20:45 PM by System

Ceramatec, Internationally Recognized Research and Development Company, Successfully Migrates to Web-based MasterControl™ System

SALT LAKE CITY - October 12, 2005 -Ceramatec Inc., a research and development company recognized internationally for its cutting-edge work in the area of electrochemical ceramics, has successfully migrated its client server-based document control system to a Web-based MasterControl™ solution. MasterControl Inc., the leading provider of quality management software solutions for FDA and ISO environments, announced Ceramatec's migration milestone today.

A MasterControl customer since 2002, Ceramatec upgraded its system to maximize ease of use and to take advantage of the unprecedented access offered by the Internet. ?We want to make it easier for all of our users,? said Frank Skeele, ITM Thermal Processing Manager and ITM QA Manager of Ceramatec.

In the past three decades, Ceramatec has developed novel fluid delivery systems, advances in fuel cell technology, materials collectively known as NaSICON (known for their ability to selectively remove sodium ions from solutions through electrochemical process), and other breakthrough products and technologies. Ceramatec's innovations have a wide range of application, from drug delivery systems to fiber optic communications to energy production and radioactive waste disposal. The company is based in Salt Lake City and has more than 100 employees.

Ceramatec's Ionic Transport Membranes (ITM) group migrated 4,200 documents ? procedures, specifications, drawings, and technical reports ? to its new Web-based system within a three-week period in April, according to Skeele. The migration process was on schedule and on budget.

In addition to MasterControl's easy-to-use features, Skeele said he also liked its reporting utilities. MasterControl offers a variety of standard and advanced custom-reporting capabilities, such as audit trail, master list, cycle time, and revision history. It also provides advanced graph and charting capabilities to help system administrators proactively measure and manage quality processes.

The company uses the following applications within the MasterControl™ quality management suite to ensure a secure system that protects intellectual property and minimize resource expenditures:

  • MasterControl Documents™ - The essential building block within the MasterControl suite, this software manages and controls documents in a secure environment. It can handle all types of documents regardless of the software used to create them. Document types, vaults, lifecycles, routes, and users' roles are all configurable.
  • MasterControl Forms™ - This module automates forms-based processes, such as audits, nonconformances, deviations, and customer complaints. It makes the transition from a manual/hybrid system to an automated solution easier because it allows users to create electronic forms identical to their existing hard-copy forms. Companies can also design new forms to suit their needs.

About MasterControl
MasterControl Inc., based in Salt Lake City , has been at the forefront of providing innovative electronic quality management systems since 1993. MasterControl provides a configurable, easy-to-use, and integrated system to help companies effectively manage change control, training control, audits, corrective/preventive action (CAPA), and other forms-based quality processes under a single Web-based platform. It also offers comprehensive technical and customer support, including product training, installation, implementation, and validation services. Over 400 companies worldwide use MasterControl to comply with FDA and other regulatory requirements and ISO quality standards.


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