Enterprise Resource Planning Tools Unify Manufacturing Operations

The aim of most businesses is to pursue growth, expansion, and continuous improvement. To better manage your organizational growth, implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool is imperative to establishing consistency across all your organizational functions, such as human resources, financial, sales, inventory, and marketing. An ERP tool allows you to integrate and automate business processes as well as store and share data from a centralized database in real time. This ensures that all business units are working with the same accurate and up-to-date information.

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The functionality of standard ERP tools can accommodate many business and office management processes. However, managing manufacturing operations involves more complex solutions. Effective shop floor management requires a more comprehensive business process management solution beyond what ERP tools provide.

Why an ERP Tool is Your Solution

Manufacturing business units can have numerous moving parts, which means they need to be more agile with changes and unexpected production issues. Large or multi-site manufacturing facilities can experience communication barriers among key stakeholders. It’s important for all business units to have complete visibility of the entire organization as well as the ability to collect and distribute the most relevant, up-to-date data. It’s also critical for manufacturing to collaborate and share data with the front office business units.

MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence Solution both integrates with, and expands the capabilities of your ERP tool. This lets your business establish better continuity across all enterprise units on the shop floor and front office. You also have more oversight and control with vendor management tasks. MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence Solution automates your critical business and manufacturing processes, which significantly reduces errors, improves quality, and accelerates manufacturing cycle times.

Features and Benefits of MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence Solution

Using MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence Solution in concert with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool provides holistic functionality for efficiently managing the following manufacturing processes:

Supply Chain Management (SCM) – Provides visibility of your entire supply chain, from vendor selection and qualification through commercialization and distribution, for more precision forecasting and planning, materials management, and equipment maintenance.

Workflow Management – Automates and provides visibility into critical business and operational functions, which eliminates errors, improves quality, and accelerates production cycle times. This helps your entire organization ensure higher quality products and customer satisfaction.

Purchasing and Procurement – Streamlines the procurement process, including vendor management, purchase order issuance, and reporting.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) – Enables you to track every phase of a product’s lifecycle, including design, development, quality control, testing, and production through end-of-life. PLM modules commonly include functionality for product and design data management, portfolio management, materials sourcing, and customer needs management.

Work in Progress (WIP) – Enables you to easily follow the status of all manufacturing processes, including inventory, storage, and fulfillment as well as identify and resolve bottlenecks, material waste, and unnecessary costs.

Project Management – Includes functionality for project definition, cost and accounting, resource management, and billing.

Learn more about how MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence Solution integrates with your existing resource planning applications for more robust manufacturing management by contacting a MasterControl representative.