Are You Up to Speed With the Medical Device Industry's Changes?

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With its global value expected to increase 5% annually, the medical device industry's road ahead looks promising. Get up to speed with expert insights on the trends shaping the future of medical device development and manufacturing.

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Afraid the Device Industry Is Passing You By?


Prepare for Regulatory Changes

New and revised regulations are hitting laggards in the medical device industry hard. Find out how to stay on top of the changing regulatory landscape.


Plan for the Digital Deluge

The roles of digital medical device systems and devices continue to expand and become more critical in health management and clinical research. See where digitization is taking the industry.


Be Aware of Human Factors

Human factors engineering is more important than ever. Learn how to increase your awareness and confidence that every person who uses your company's devices will be able to use them properly.

Modern medical device development requires modern tools.


Achieve Regulatory Peace of Mind


When Swiss device manufacturer Kerr Medical wanted to streamline its document control, change control and other regulatory processes, it turned to MasterControl's medical device process automation software. The device company can now ensure that task assignments and critical communications are automatically and instantly transmitted to stakeholders across all business units.


Simplify Registrations and Renewals


Global medical device registrations are time-consuming and costly. With a complete solution for product registration and submission management, device firms can launch better products faster and more easily in markets throughout the world. Get the details about MasterControl's cloud-based registrations management software solution.


Digitally Streamline Device Development


Megadyne reduced its document approval times from weeks or months to just days. The secret: a connected and fully integrated quality management system. See how the medical device company eliminated reporting and visibility problems by replacing an inefficient paper-based system with MasterControl's medical device process automation software.


Realize the Value of Quality


The word quality means different things to people, whether it's defined by creating the best possible products or aiming for continuous improvement of medical device systems. Hear MasterControl customers explain what quality means to them and the value it provides in their work and daily lives.

Stay on top of the latest medical device industry trends.

Don't be left behind while your competitors are bracing for regulatory changes and groundbreaking technological innovations in medical device development. Get the inside scoop from four experts about the latest industry developments.

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