FDA Goes Cloud to Speed Up Public Health Innovation


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Technology Modernization Action Plan (TMAP) was created to help drive public health innovation. This new trend brief includes a detailed description of the action plan and clarifies how it will impact life sciences companies in 2020.

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How Will the Modernization Plan Impact Your Company?


Why Is Life Sciences Industry Trending Toward Modernization?

The digital future is here. See how cloud computing is reshaping the health care product development landscape.


How Will Modernization Change the Regulatory Dynamic?

Get a detailed look at how the FDA is redefining its regulatory blueprint. Also, learn how cloud computing will be essential in harmonizing the global life sciences community.


Digital Technologies Transforming Health Care

More medical devices are using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). Learn about the regulatory model the FDA is developing for this trend.

Shape Your Business for the Future.

Gain valuable insight about the changing regulatory compliance landscape. And, strengthen your company's position in the health care value chain.

FDA Fronts Pivotal Life Sciences Trend in 2020