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Adopting a Data-Centric Quality Mindset

The quality department in a life sciences company is responsible for handling more product-critical data than any other function. But an increasing number of organizations are finding that a document-focused quality management model is inadequate in the digital era. To be useful for reporting, tracking, trending and other essential decision-making purposes, you can’t afford to have quality data hidden in inaccessible or disconnected documents — data must be linked throughout every critical point in the product life cycle.

With the help of digital tools that enable connectivity, it’s possible for organizations to adopt a holistic approach to data-centered quality. A data-centric approach to quality not only gives companies an edge over competitors, but it can be the primary driver behind innovation, efficiency and continual improvement as well.

In this exclusive webinar, MasterControl Product Management Director Sue Marchant examines why document dependency has become a hindrance to manufacturers and how companies can successfully chart a clear path to digital and data maturity. She also explains the drivers behind the industry’s shift away from document-centered quality management and explores trends relating to:

  • The ripple effect of disconnected or bad data.
  • The common challenges of and missed opportunities inherent in document-centric quality management.
  • The potential role and business impact of a data-centered approach to quality.
  • How technology can support and accelerate the transition to data-centricity. 

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