Fully Digitize Your Production Environment to Drive Smart Manufacturing

Digital transformation efforts are accelerating in a variety of manufacturing areas, yet many producers stop short of digitizing their production records and other shop floor data collection efforts. This digital gap leads to slow, cumbersome and error-prone production processes. When the people on the production line are left to deal with paper when managing data collection and production records, human errors and poor data integrity have a cascading effect throughout the production process – slowing things down, driving up costs and increasing risk.

Modern manufacturers can no longer afford digital gaps created by paper-based production processes, due in part to a ripple effect in hidden quality costs. Providing workers with digitized, connected manufacturing tools enables manufacturers to become truly paperless and work smarter – eliminating data integrity issues, breaking down paper-based good manufacturing practice (GMP) review and release barriers, and freeing workers from repetitive tasks so they can focus less on documentation and more on process improvement.

In this exclusive webinar, MasterControl Business Development Manager Adam Sybrowsky examines how using digital technology to manage production processes on the shop floor drives shorter documentation review cycles, fewer deviations and dramatically reduced lead time from batch/lot completion to product release. He answers critical questions relating to:

  • How manufacturers can extend digitization to the shop floor.
  • Why empowering line operators is an efficient way to drive impact.
  • How paperless manufacturing improves production and quality results.


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