Case Study: Bioclinica

November 15, 2019

Many types of medical imaging modalities can be generated through clinical trials—ultrasound, X-ray, CT, SPECT, MRI, Marker- and Model-based RSA, Echocardiography, PET scan, DEXA, ECG and Holter Analysis—the list is endless. When produced during the course of a clinical trial, industry standards and regulatory requirements demand that these types of image data be treated with the same stringency applied to the clinical data.

Bio-Imaging Technologies, Inc. (BITI) is the world’s largest dedicated provider of medical image management for clinical trials. Founded in 1990, Bio-Imaging is an independent, publicly-traded company that has positioned itself as the leader in the industry by offering an unrivaled array of resources, capabilities, and experienced professionals to help customers maximize the statistical power of image data, meet timelines and budget, and attain regulatory approval.

Bio-Imaging has processed over one million images from thousands of sites across five continents and has made more FDA submissions than any other Imaging Core Lab (ICL). The company specializes in several areas of excellence including musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and oncology diseases, contrast agents, neuroprotective agents, orthopedics and radio-labeled imaging agents. Bio- Imaging helps patients better monitor and manage their healthcare information through its CapMed Personal Health Management Suite, which incorporates Personal HealthKey™ technology, Personal Health Record (PHR) software, and the CapMed Patient Portal.

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