Demo: MasterControl Batch Record Management Software

December 7, 2018

Pharmaceutical and other regulated industries continue to rely on manual paper-based systems to maintain their batch records. But those systems often result in product quality issues, recalls and warning letters. They can also lead to costly delays in time to market.

An electronic batch record (EBR) tool replaces inefficient paper systems with digital management of batch record processes. MasterControl EBRTM integrates manufacturing and quality processes so companies can better manage production. The solution automates manufacturing data, documentation and line performance at every step in the product life cycle.

MasterControl EBR verifies that data is complete and accurate for real-time deviation tracking. It also enforces employee training and provides improved audit readiness by tracking and storing batch data. The solution streamlines and error-proofs processes for right first time performance. It reduces cycle times and accelerates product release times for improved cash flow. MasterControl EBR integrates quality and manufacturing processes for GMP compliance.

6 Reasons to Automate Your Batch Record System
6 Reasons to Automate Your Batch Record System

Automating the batch record process makes an inefficient and cumbersome manual process more efficient.

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