Executive Perspectives on MasterControl

July 18, 2012

Company executives discuss how the MasterControl quality solution has been a game-changer. Several, including Anthony Williams, VP of manufacturing with MicroMed Cardiovascular, said the quality solution allowed them to utilize fewer staff for document management. They reassigned staff toward tasks related to product improvement.

Sailesh Saxena, CFO of MicroMed Cardiovascular, said MasterControl Quality ExcellenceTM is unparalleled in its competitive advantages. John Pfaff, VP and general manager of The MedTech Group, said MasterControl has helped them stay on top of its documentation during a time of significant growth. His company also achieved its goal of going paperless. Rodger Ford, former CEO of SynCardia and MicroMed Cardiovascular said he didn’t think either company would be viable today without the benefits provided by MasterControl’s quality solution.

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Using MasterControl for FDA Compliance
Using MasterControl for FDA Compliance

MasterControl can more easily comply with FDA regulations.

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