Demo: MasterControl Supplier Management Software

August 3, 2016

Regulated companies need to track documents, specifications, scheduled supplier scorecards, risks, quality events, and audits that relate to their suppliers. Without an integrated supplier management software, this is nearly impossible.

In MasterControl you can manage all these processes and more. Approved vendor lists are all consolidated in a centralized location, as opposed to being spread across departments and divisions. The risk functionality lets you assess how much risk a vendor poses to your organization and helps you determine how often you should audit that supplier.

Since supplier management is part of a single, integrated quality management system (QMS), all your processes are interconnected. For example, if a customer complaint is related to a supplier, you can launch a supplier corrective action request (SCAR) directly from the complaint form. The module helps you qualify, maintain and document all events or deviations involving suppliers.

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