The number one thing about MasterControl is that it doesn't tax your IT staff.

Jorge Kalil
New Jersey Organ & Tissue Sharing Network

Flexible System

Faster Validation and Implementation

Fits Existing Architecture

Features and Benefits


MasterControl decreases the time and cost dedicated to project management and IT configuration.

  • Fully supported installation
  • Single platform
  • Eliminates need for separate systems at separate locations
  • Allows IT and quality teams to work together better
  • API available to integrate with ERP and other systems

The reason I would recommend MasterControl is primarily because you're going to get 100% support from MasterControl to implement the system until it is a success. Knowing that alone, if you are in an IT position where you are making a decision to go with a system such as MasterControl, fear not because MasterControl is going to provide you with everything you need.

Jorge Kalil
New Jersey Organ & Tissue Sharing Network


MasterControl reduces the pain and cost that typically accompanies software validation.

  • Dramatically reduces validation time and the probability of project failure
  • Allocates more focus on performance qualification (PQ) testing, which is tailored to your more unique intended uses
  • Simplifies requalification testing
  • Includes MasterControl's unique Transfer Operational Qualification (TOQ), which saves you both time and money

I was the person that did the validation for the system when we brought it up, so it's very easy for me to say that the system is user friendly. I do not have a computer background and am not computer savvy, so I feel like if I was able to do the validation and set the system up for our business that anyone would find the system to be very user friendly. You don't have to be a computer guru.

Anne Howell
Director of Training and Development
Community Blood Center of the Carolinas


MasterControl adheres to HIPAA, SOC2, and ITIL standards


All our data centers are SSAE 16 Compliant and/or ISO 27001 certified

Having the application layer security has been a load off of my mind. For a controlled document environment, it's so good to have it not sitting out on our server somewhere just relying on network permissions.

Quade Reynolds
IS manager
Megadyne Medical Products


The scalable MasterControl system makes it possible to quickly offset the investment cost by immediately saving time and resources–a benefit that will exponentially improve efficiencies moving forward. Implementation is light on resources and doesn't require IT staff to become experts in a new, unfamiliar system.

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Find out how five companies saved an average of $248,000 during the first year of implementing MasterControl.

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