Regulation DoD 5015.02 requires that DoD organizations or "DoD connected" agencies utilize products that are compliant with DoD 5015.02 regulations. These regulations specify standards of records management and electronic recordkeeping.

Since 1993, MasterControl has developed, provided and validated document control systems. MasterControl's centralized and web-based systems are fully compliant with DoD 5015.02 standards.

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MasterControl Meets DoD 5015.02 Requirements

DoD 5015.02 requires the visibility of documentation via searchable metadata. The MasterControl software system provides highly sophisticated searchability via the InfoCard. Every document is linked to an InfoCard(s) which contains a variety of document-related metadata. These features allow MasterControl users to enjoy advanced search features that reduce the time required to locate essential documentation.

Collaboration, Routing, Documentation Approvals, etc.

MasterControl's document control system also allows users to collaborate as they edit and route documentation within a secure, centralized system. The system also automates the routing, approval, follow-up and escalation processes.


MasterControl also allows users to search, collaborate and approve documentation from virtually anywhere in the world. The web-based and very secure centralized system allows users to streamline the document control process between company satellites and other approved users. MasterControl also provides document version control and reporting features.

Audit Trails and Date Logic

MasterControl's document control system automates the management of documentation audit trails complete with time and data stamps. If users choose to print essential documentation it is watermarked and stamped with the expiration date.

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