Tools to Circumvent Pitfalls on the Path to Your IND/NDA Milestones


PharmaDirections presents a new webinar: Tools to Circumvent Pitfalls on the Path to your IND/NDA Milestones: Avoid risks, surprises and wasted resources with confident pre-clinical and CMC critical path planning.

The Tools to Circumvent Pitfalls on the Path to your IND/NDA webinar focuses on avoiding the loss of critical time and money, by presenting a comprehensive strategic plan to lead life science professionals through the drug development maze with foresight, confidence and control.  

For those who are seeking funds, have recently been funded, or are preparing for the next phase of product development to support a clinical program, the Tools to Circumvent Pitfalls on the Path to your IND/NDA webinar will show how a thorough development plan provides benefits at all stages of your CMC path as experienced scientists guide listeners through timing, cost analysis and resource planning steps while providing solutions for typical pitfalls in Pre-IND planning as well as pitfalls experienced during the implementation of Chemical Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) programs. Through the presentation of actual case studies, you will understand the risks and solutions in applicable scenarios.

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About PharmaDirections
PharmaDirections is a drug development management company dedicated to the intelligent acceleration of drug development. Built on an unmatched combination of scientific knowledge and a proven project track record that delivers real results, PharmaDirections provides biotech and pharmaceutical companies with strategically sound approaches to meeting key challenges from candidate selection to clinical phase management and registration. Since PharmaDirections was founded in 2003, PharmaDirections professionals have provided experienced scientific leadership and have served as integral contributors to preclinical and pharmaceutical development program teams. Master Control and PharmaDirections have developed a partnership that leverages Master Control’s unique life science tools and PharmaDirections’ multidisciplinary approach to guiding clients’ drug projects through related development processes.

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