Why We Trek to Trade Shows

You'll see MasterControl exhibiting at 
more than 10 trade shows this year. 
MasterControl staffers frequently address
industry conferences and workshops.

Most people generally support the notion that trade shows are still relevant, but sometimes a little pep talk is in order.

Now that our feet might have finally recovered from attending MD&M West, and we look to our schedule for the rest of the year, here are a few quotes demonstrating some of the top reasons we attend shows. Think of this as motivation for INTERPHEX and Medtec Euro!

The Trade Show News Network (TSNN), the world's leading news and online resource for the trade show, exhibition and event industry since 1996, provides some powerful data to support trade show attendance: 81% of trade show attendees have buying authority.  Which means more than 4 out of 5 people walking the aisles are potential customers for exhibitors.  Source:  CEIR: The Spend Decision: Analyzing How Exhibits Fit into the Overall Marketing Budget .
 “I go to four shows a year,” states Lee Young, Director Supplier Quality for the Life Science Solutions group of Thermo Fisher Scientific. “At MD&M West I was able to visit 80 suppliers in four hours and network, collect the latest info, evaluate them, and discuss items like changing plant locales.”

Beth Sisk, Editor, Medical Design Briefs, shares some of what she came away with from attending the MD&M West panel discussion "Is Technology Truly Helping or Hurting Healthcare?" 

“Walt Murray of MasterControl lent a unique perspective, based on his 35 years of quality management experience. His take on the topic was that, 
MasterControl's Walt Murray, Eliana Valcarcel
and Dondi Faircloth flash cash to prove that it pays
to visit  MasterControl's tradeshow booth.
certainly technology is advancing healthcare but, the question really should be, how does society look at risk versus how does technology view risk?” Ms. Sisk continues, “His comprehensive explanations and viewpoint, based on having performed more than 500 audits, lent an air of authenticity and expertise to this complex discussion—ranging from perceived and actual costs of healthcare through end-of-life, regulatory and safety issues affecting inventions, and the implications of creating technologies that people can't imagine life without.”

Matt Lowe, Executive Vice President at MasterControl says, “MasterControl continues to attend and exhibit at tradeshows for a variety of reasons.  First and foremost, they provide a rare opportunity to meet up with multiple clients in a single location over a couple of days’ time.  They provide an opportunity for us to stay abreast of the latest trends and important news in the industries we serve.  We also frequently have MasterControl staff that speaks at industry conferences and workshops to allow us to share our many years of expertise with conference goers.”

In summary, attending trade shows may be one of those things we don’t necessarily look forward to, but we are almost always glad we went!

Some upcoming trade shows where you can visit with MasterControl (For a complete list):
Proactive GCP Compliance Conference     March 14-16       Philadelphia, PA
SQA Annual Meeting & Quality College      April 3-8              Grapevine, TX
DIA Euro                                                      April 6-8              Hamburg, Germany
Medtec Euro                                                April 12-14          Stuttgart, Germany
Medtec Japan                                              April 20-22         Tokyo, Japan
Interphex New York                                     April 26-28          New York, New York
2nd European QA Conference                     April 27-29          Nice, France
AusMedtech                                                May 10-11           Adelaide, Australia
ASQ                                                             May 16-18          Milwaukee, WI
MD&M East                                                 June 14-16          New York, NY
DIA                                                              June 26-30         Philadelphia, PA
CompaMed                                                  Nov. 14-17          Dusseldorf, Germany
Jill Bumgardner is the global events manager for MasterControl, where she is responsible for managing corporate events worldwide. Since joining MasterControl 13 years ago, Bumgardner has held numerous roles in project coordination and customer success, overseeing hundreds of MasterControl events and assembling an extensive track record of customer relationship building.

Bumgardner earned an associate’s degree from the American Institute of Medical and Dental Technology, where she earned certificates in dental assisting and state radiology, and completed her externship at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT. She is a long-time member of Meeting Professionals International (MPI).