Why Food Makers Are Investing In Food-Safety Software

Why Food Makers Are Investing In Food-Safety Software
Throughout 2014, food makers have put forth significant efforts in pursuit of food-safety and quality-management software solutions. But why is there so much interest and effort in these systems now?

The Obstacle Of Paperwork

To put it bluntly, handling paperwork is a burden that creates more problems than it solves. A misplaced invoice, a forgotten signature, an accidentally destroyed document… all of these scenarios can wreak havoc on a quality-manager's workload. Not to mention the bottleneck it creates on workflow. Developments in supply-chain management, fraud prevention, and food safety are only extending and complicating the labors of safety officers. Fortunately, software solutions and automated processes are able to take on these added tasks and ease the minds of safety and quality-assurance workers.

Stringent And Constantly-Evolving Standards

Just this week, revisions to four of FSMA’s rule were proposed. And it’s not just in the U.S.; food-safety regulations worldwide are changing and evolving. Keeping up with domestic and international food-safety guidelines can present a major burden, especially with new requirements in new categories being introduced as the rules evolve. Luckily,  food-safety software solutions provide automatic updates, provided by the software’s provider, that keep up to date with changing guidelines. Many also allow changes in processes to occur, allowing the company to remain compliant. Both of these benefits are sure to ease the minds of execs at food-making companies.

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The Technology Is FINALLY Ready

Paper- and Excel-based management systems have been the go-to process for so many people for two reasons. First, they are easy to use. More importantly, food-safety and quality-management solutions have been rather inadequate. Between lacking the range and scope companies desire and how difficult and cumbersome the software is to use, many have given up on the idea of software as a legitimate solution to safety and quality management, until now.

Software solution providers have created user-friendly interfaces, various means of customer support, and have tailored designs to the specific needs of quality managers and safety officers in the food industry. Technology has finally evolved to the point where the conversion of an old system into a completely digital, management solution presents means to improving processes, exceeding compliance needs, protecting your brand, and saving money is easier than pen and paper records.

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