Where Are You in Your Quality Management Maturity?

We’ve all heard about quality management journeys or trips down the quality lane.  I heard someone recently equate quality to following the yellow brick road.  Quality similes are usually about pathways but this week, I read a new description.
Quality management maturity.
Like the transition from child to senior citizen, Matthew Littlefield says organizations move through levels of quality management maturity.  His commentary is in the January 29 2014 LNS Research Blog.

Where are you in the maturity model?
Where are you in the maturity model?
“Progressing forward and improving your quality management capabilities starts with two things. First, having a thorough understanding of where you are in terms of quality management maturity. And second, determining where you want to be,” Littlefield wrote. Once you understand your present quality management maturity, you can start planning your move to the next level.
Littlefield goes on to provide an overview of LNS Research’s Quality Management Maturity Model. In the end, he makes a point we’ve heard before:  Regardless of your quality maturity, there will always be room for growth. 
Read his post here. Tell us what you think.  Where is your company on the Quality Management Maturity Model?  Are you ready to move to an enterprise quality management system (EQMS)? Take a look at MasterControl EQMS.

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