Version 11 of MasterControl Features More New Enhancements than Any Previous Release

The recently released version 11 of MasterControl software dramatically accelerates customers’ ability to deliver life-changing products to those who need them most. Constructed largely in response to customer input, MasterControl v11 includes 560 new enhancements and represents more than 65,000 man hours of software engineering.  

A new website tells the complete story of MasterControl v11. 
Version 11 of MasterControl Features More New Enhancements than Any Previous Release
“How often do you hear companies say, ‘We heard your suggestions and complaints, so we improved the product’?” said Brian Curran, MasterControl Senior Vice President of Strategy and Product Management. “MasterControl Version 11 is better, bigger, and faster because we listened to our customers.”
With a focus on improving the overall customer experience across all touch points, the new v11 release is intended to make it easier for the basic user to take advantage of all of the software system’s functionality. In addition to improving ease of use, MasterControl v11 drastically enhances scalability, security, and accessibility.

Some of the new refinements and upgrades in MasterControl v11 include:
  • platform enhancements specifically designed to simplify the upgrade process,
  • advanced validation offerings that support the simplified upgrade process,
  • additional flexibility and accessibility via MasterControl Cloud™,
  • greatly expanded auditing capabilities, including mobile support,
  • enterprise management services,
  • Section 508 accessibility compliance,
  • SCORM compliance,
  • and much, much more!
While the release of v11 is exciting news, however, MasterControl is far more than just software. This videotells the compelling story of the people behind MasterControl that make the global quality management software and services provider a true innovator.   

James Jardine is a Marketing Communications Specialist for MasterControl Inc. He has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Utah and is based in MasterControl’s headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.