Two Keys to Prosperous B2B Customer Partnerships

Two Keys to Prosperous B2B Customer Partnerships
Extraordinary quality management begins with
 remarkable people working together to generate an 
atmosphere that stimulates customer success.
Give the customer what they want. It may be a trite and simplistic aphorism, but it’s one that’s hard to live by in a competitive business world. Yet the companies that stay true to it are always the most successful. That’s because a company that provides products and services to other businesses is only as valuable as the value it supplies. Think of it this way: ‘why’ a company does what it does is even more important than ‘how’ the company does it or ‘what’ it is actually doing.

To create value in the (often highly regulated) realm of quality management systems, one software and services provider has made remarkable strides by concentrating on two core values: customer success and exceptional people.

Helping Customers Succeed: When You Win, We Win

Companies that offer business-to-business (B2B) services and products justify their own existence by helping their customers achieve success. Over the past two decades, MasterControl has measured its own success by the accomplishments and growth of its customers. This mentality has been directly responsible for the company’s tremendous advancements in the quality management space. “Our financial stability and success is because our customer is our number one stakeholder,” says Angel Lange, MasterControl’s vice president of finance.
Organizations like Oil States Industries, which has been using MasterControl software for 17 years, continue to benefit from MasterControl’s customer-aligned approach. “I have been able to witness over the years the changes in MasterControl and it is complete testimony to the fact that MasterControl is very attentive to users’ requests,” says Mary West, system administrator of MasterControl at Oil States Industries, a provider of innovative solutions to the worldwide oil and gas industry. “I think that MasterControl keeps abreast of technology and I also think that MasterControl listens to the user.”

CEO Jon Beckstrand says MasterControl’s goal is to channel that customer attention in order to help quality professionals maximize their efficiency and do the jobs they were hired to do, rather than spend their time trying to unburden themselves from overwhelming loads of paperwork. “We’ve dedicated the past 20 years to trying to make your job easier,” Beckstrand says.
MasterControl customers around the globe are reaping the rewards of that dedication. “If we had not purchased MasterControl we would be drowning in paperwork,” says Anthony Williams, vice president of operations at MicroMed Cardiovascular, a development-stage company engaged in the research and product development of medical products. “We would have 10 (document management professionals) and that’s all they would do: manage our documents, either on the work order side of things or on the closing out of the work orders.” With MasterControl, Williams says, Micromed needs just one or two people to do the same amount of work.
Exceptional People: The Essential Ingredient of B2B Success

The experience and collective knowledge of a B2B company’s passionate staff is the foundational support that customer enterprises rely on to launch their own fruitful endeavors. And entrusting important work to outstanding people is a core value that has served MasterControl well for the past two decades. “If you talk to any employee at MasterControl and ask them why they do what they do—why they answer the phone or why they fix a bug or why they answer a sales call—everyone will say the same thing: our mission at MasterControl is to make life-changing and life-saving products available to more people sooner,” says Beckstrand.
But enthusiasm isn’t all that MasterControl employees have to offer, according to Matt Lowe, the company’s executive vice president of global sales and marketing. Lowe says that over one-third of MasterControl’s staff comes from the industries it serves, such as medical device, pharmaceutical, biotech, and ISO certified manufacturing. “MasterControl combines hundreds of years of industry experience together,” says Lowe. And, adds Beckstrand, it isn’t just the quantity of experience that MasterControl experts provide, but the quality value that such knowledgeable professionals have to offer. “One of the things that is very unique about us in this industry is our tenure,” he says. “We have a very high standard in who we hire and it shows.”
The concentrated efforts of such skilled and passionate personnel working in unison with customers is what draws clients to MasterControl, according to the company’s Vice President of Human Resources Alicia Garcia. “We’ve created a culture of collaboration and personal improvement in everything that we do,” says Garcia. “And that philosophy is reflected in the products and services we offer our customers.”
To learn more about how exceptional personnel and customer-focused initiatives can converge to create the ultimate customer experience, takea look at this video.
James Jardine is a Marketing Communications Specialist for MasterControl Inc. He has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Utah and is based in MasterControl’s headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.