Top 10 World Quality Month

Top 10

Did you know that November is World Quality Month?  You still have a few days left to create your own list of top ten actions you’ll take to improve the quality of your work.  Here are a few suggestions:

1.  Organize your workspace.  Make it lean and clean.

2.  Tell the person in charge of document control at your office that you appreciate his or work.

3.  Check to see that you’ve completed all your own training tasks before reminding someone else to do theirs.

4.  Attend an ASQ or SQA meeting to network and learn something new.  Continuous learning is essential to professional growth.

5.  Develop a current LinkedIn profile and actively participate in industry discussion groups. 

6.  Be proactive in your work.  If you see an opportunity to improve a process within your job scope, seize the moment and improve it!

7.  Organize your priorities and put first things first.  It’s easy to get derailed if you lose your focus.

8.  Make listening a habit.  Hear what is being said before you formulate your response. You’ll improve your communication skills and score points with your coworkers.

9.  Do a good deed for someone at work daily.  Paying it forward yields positive results in the workplace.

10. No matter how bad your day has been, leave it at the office.  Walk through your front door with a smile on your face and a cheerful greeting.