Multiple People Can Simultaneously Author a Word Document - Did You Know?

Did You Know?

If you have different contributors to different sections of a document, everyone can still work on the same document without the usual process of someone having to maintain a central copy by cutting and pasting.

The collaborative authoring (also known as co-authoring) of MS Word documents has long been on the corporate wish list. Online tools, however, fall short for three reasons: (i) they don't provide control over 'who can do what to where', (ii) they don't support the complex structures such as the heading levels inherent in a Word document, and (iii) there are concerns using them for confidential company information .

The right type of software can now allow document owners to set-up 'EditZones' in Word documents. These zones can be allocated to different contributors who can simultaneously edit their zone in Word while taking advantage of all the application's regular capabilities. This allows users to maintain complete control over 'who can do what to where,' support complex structures, and run the software inside their firewall.

More information regarding PleaseReview is available from PleaseTech's website:

About PleaseReview

With PleaseReview software, contributors can publish their "document zone" for review while reviewers have the full capability to undertake the review of published zones. The zones can then be re-edited to include comments. This means that different parts of the document can be finalized at different times and there is no big 'cut & paste' exercise to pull together the final document from multiple sources.