Document Review Process Can Reduce Document Review Cycles

Did You Know?

Studies undertaken by PleaseTech's PleaseReview™ customers show that using collaborative document review can reduce document review cycles by as much as 65 percent. Take for example a 45-page document that has a document review cycle of 14 days. This 14-day period is made up of two seven-day periods. The first seven-day period consists of a five-day initial review followed by a two-day author consolidation. This period is followed by a second seven-day period (post comment consolidation) that also consists of a five-day period followed by a two-day author consolidation. With PleaseReview however the whole process was reduced to a much more efficient single review cycle of just five days.

PleaseReview provides automatic comment consolidation, thus immediately eliminating two days of the initial review process. Furthermore, because reviewers can see which comments and changes have been accepted/rejected and view a copy of the document with these changes applied, it was found that the 'post comment consolidation' review was unnecessary, thus eliminating the second review cycle.

Multiplied over a single project that is quite the savings. Multiplied over many projects the savings are massive! To learn more about PleaseTech, please visit:

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