Quality Pros & the Oscars: Films to See Based on Your Personality


It’s Oscar season! From Seattle to Shanghai, movie fans are talking about their favorites, and maybe betting in their Academy Award office pool or its equivalent overseas. Watching Hollywood films is the world’s favorite pastime, judging by the U.S. film industry’s box-office revenues, which exceeded $11 billion in 2016 (1).

In the universal language of film, quality management is not all that esoteric. There’s a perfect Oscar-caliber movie for everyone regardless of age and background. Take a look at the personality types below. Which type are you?

Check out the Oscar-winning films that match your personality. If you’ve already seen them, watch them again! What better excuse to indulge in buttery popcorn and cheese-smothered nachos at home than watching a movie?

Oscar Winner for Every Personality


The list below includes the title of the film, major Oscar award, number of total awards, and the year the film was released.

#1 The Crisis Manager


A warning letter from the FDA? An unexpected customer audit? “No problem,” says the Crisis Manager. This type of pro thrives under the toughest circumstances. This person will empathize with the maverick protagonists of the films below.

  • “The Revenant,” Best Actor (Leonardo DiCaprio), total of four awards, 2015: No one knows adversity like mountain man Hugh Glass (DiCaprio), who’s mauled by a grizzly bear and left to die by his fellow fur trapper and nemesis, John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy). Glass survives and hunts down Fitzgerald. The film is based on the adventures of the fabled 19th century American frontiersman.
  • “The Hurt Locker,” Best Picture, total of six awards, 2009: Staff Sgt. William James (Jeremy Renner) defuses bombs in Iraq. Talk about a crisis manager! In some of the most visceral, tension-filled scenes of the film, we get to see him perform his work with the precision of a surgeon.
  • “Gladiator,” Best Actor (Russell Crowe), total of five awards, 2000: The journey from victorious general to enslaved gladiator is about as hard and violent as it gets. Only someone like Maximus (Crowe), a Roman general, can survive such ordeal, and then some. 

#2 The Great Communicator


This quality professional is a natural born leader. If you’re this type, then you’re loving the interactions with other departments and even regulators. When you take up a cause—whether it’s revamping your quality system or finding a creative solution to a recurring deviation—you can convince just about anyone with your well-thought-out explanations. These powerful biopics are perfect for you.

  • “Lincoln,” Best Actor (Daniel Day-Lewis), total of two awards, 2012: The film shows how President Abraham Lincoln prevailed over all kinds of personalities within his cabinet and circle of advisers in the push for the 13th amendment. Day-Lewis captures the brilliance, but also the weariness and exhaustion, of the president.
  • “Gandhi,” Best Actor (Ben Kingsley), total of eight awards, 1982: An epic film about Mahatma Gandhi’s nonviolent civil disobedience movement, one of the greatest political victories of all time. Kingsley plays the role of the iconic Indian leader with a deep humanity.

#3 The Enforcer


This person knows the regulations to a T. Colleagues respect this person’s expertise and knowledge. If you need information—whether it’s the eCTD v4 or best practices for writing SOPs or ISO 9001:2015—the Enforcer is likely to be your go-to person. Similarly, the protagonists of the films below fight the good fight using their knowledge of the rules.

  • “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Best Actor (Gregory Peck), total of three awards, 1962: Atticus Finch (Peck) risks it all to defend a black man falsely accused of raping a white woman in a small town fraught with racism.
  • “Erin Brokovich,” Best Actress (Julia Roberts), one award, 2000: The title character (Roberts) is a down-and-out single mom whose legal research at a law firm exposes the practice of illegal dumping of toxic waste by a mega corporation. This film is based on a true story involving one of the biggest class action lawsuits in America.

#4 The Perfectionist


Fastidiousness, attention to detail, and a drive for perfection are among the characteristics most associated with quality professionals. These films are about being the very best. They will resonate with the quality pro who always gives (and expects) more than 100 percent.

  • “Black Swan,” Best Actress (Natalie Portman), one award, 2010: Nina (Portman) is perfect for the lead role of a production of Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake.” But her insecurities and fear of failure drive her mad, quite literally, in this psychological drama.
  • “Whiplash,” Best Supporting Actor (J.K. Simmons), total of three awards, 2014: An ambitious young drummer (Miles Teller) learns what it takes to be a great artist under the wing of a brutal teacher (Simmons) and the cutthroat environment at a prestigious music conservatory.

#5 The Nerd


We’re talking about the best kind of nerd—smart, reliable, and has ample sense of humor. This quality pro loves science, technology, science fiction, and fantasy. Maybe this person used to be in IT or has a computer science background. The quality Nerd is famous for problem solving, not to mention his or her aptitude for gadgets and processes. The Oscar winners below exemplify classic geekiness everybody can root for.

  • “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Best Picture, total of 11 awards, 2003: This is a cinematic celebration of J.R.R. Tolkien’s books, with epic action and incredible special effects. Peter Jackson, a nerd’s nerd, hits all the sweet spots to rake in a record number of Oscar wins.
  •  “The Right Stuff,” Best Film Editing, total of four awards, 1983: Based on Tom Wolfe’s book, this film is about the pilots who successfully carried out the early American space program. The title refers to the mental and physical traits required by space flight.
  • “2001: A Space Odyssey,” Best Visual Effects, one award, 1968: Stanley Kubrick’s seminal science fiction movie was ahead of its time. It’s a slow burn compared to contemporary sci-fi movies, but this is a visual feast for the Nerd.
Happy viewing!

Cindy Fazzi is the editor of MasterControl Insider, a monthly publication for MasterControl users. She writes about the life science industry and other regulated environments. Her two decades of experience as a news reporter, writer, and editor includes working for the Associated Press in Ohio and New York City. She has a master’s degree in journalism from Ohio State University.

(1)  2016 Box Office Revenue Hits $11.17 Billion for Another Record Year