MasterControl Says “Go Live” to Localized Websites

MasterControl Says “Go Live” to Localized Websites
MasterControl’s international efforts included the 
recent launch of three new localized websites.
At its core, website translation is a process that allows everyone across the globe to access the same opportunities and/or products in their own languages. This is especially important to companies like MasterControl that are expanding in to international markets.

 “MasterControl has worked continuously over the last few years to build its international presence,” says CEO Jonathan Beckstrand. “We want everyone to be able to manage safer and more effective manufacturing processes no matter what kind of life-saving product(s) they are invested in creating.”

Senior Vice President of Marketing Curt Porritt adds, “MasterControl’s message of compliance and the acceleration of compliance during the production of highly-regulated products does not just apply to the U.S. or to the FDA. There are many other countries and regulatory bodies involved with the creation of life-saving products.”

MasterControl’s international efforts included the recent launch of three new localized websites. “Localization is the process of translating not only the words of a given region but also its cultural sensibilities,” says Marci Crane, localization manager at MasterControl. “It’s a process that allows MasterControl to provide potential prospects with literal and technical translations and the colloquialisms and metaphors that are really at the heart of every language. Localized content is what really resonates with readers and viewers.”

MasterControl--after a careful review of the leading localization platforms and services--decided to work with Lionbridge, a well-known localization provider, and Smartling, Lionbridge’s translation platform. Lionbridge employs translators worldwide, including Tokyo, which is one of MasterControl’s prime locations.

Lionbridge’s automated translation platform, Smartling, automatically identifies new content on the U.S. website and retranslates passages and phrases (i.e, strings) that have already been translated to the target languages (e.g, Japanese, French, or German). If there are phrases with no matches and no translation has taken place beforehand, then the translators take over. “Lionbridge’s process really is a perfect blend of the technical and the artistic,” Crane adds.

The new localized MasterControl websites recently released to the public include an online presence for Japanese, French and German speakers. These websites can be viewed at the following locations:
 “In the U.S., we may develop a series of new content pages based entirely on new FDA regulations and those pages may be of no importance whatsoever to our international websites,” Crane says. “This is something we will review on an ongoing basis. It will take some research and effort from time to time but that is what is required to really touch base with our international markets.”

This research and effort includes the regular review of local regulations and associated legal requirements. 

“MasterControl’s strategy to maintain up-to-date knowledge regarding localized regulations and related laws is possible through the use of the partnership model,” Beckstrand says. “MasterControl finds a partner before we ever consider the localization of our message. It’s been our experience that learning to work and communicate with those who know and understand their geographical area best is a superior practice to any amount of research that we could conduct on our own.”  

“The most difficult aspect of this process,” adds Porritt, “is MasterControl learning to create the best processes and communications with its partners. The rest takes care of itself. Our partners know what they are doing so if we communicate well with them, we’ll always be building better localized sites and information.”

“At heart, MasterControl’s intent is to help the best products get to market so that those products can get busy saving lives. That’s all there really is to it,” says Beckstrand. 

What is your experience localizing web sites?  Has it improved communication with your prospects and customers?  Share your comments below.

Jason Clegg is MasterControl's director of marketing. His experience covers more than 20 years of marketing, from traditional paper-based campaigns to digital media.  Clegg has directed MasterControl's marketing growth from a small document control company to an international provider of quality management solutions.