ISO Committees Are Available for Consultation - Did You Know?

Did You Know?

An online article1 published on the website makes it clear that companies that are seeking to become ISO certified can receive assistance regarding "horizontal" topics. This consultative assistance can be helpful for a wide range of companies participating in a variety of vertical markets.

According to the publication these "horizontal subjects" may include the following:

  • Environmental Management (ISO/TC 207)
  • Quality Management (ISO/TC 176)
  • Statistical Methods (ISO/TC 69)
  • Quantities and Units (ISO/TC 12)
  • Technical Product Documentation (ISO/TC 10)
  • Graphical Symbols (ISO/TC 145)
  • Acoustics (ISO/TC 43)
  • Conformity Assessment (CASCO)
  • Terminology (ISO/TC 37)
  • Dimensional and Geometrical Product Specifications (ISO/TC 213)
  • Reference Materials for Measurement and Testing (REMCO)

To learn more about this article, ISO Committees on Horizontal Subjects, please feel free to view this link: