Industry Expertise Sets MasterControl Apart from Competition

Over the past two decades, MasterControl has flourished to become one of the world’s foremost providers of quality management software solutions and services. But innovative technology is not the only driver behind the QMS leader’s prosperity. In fact, it is the industry experience of MasterControl’s knowledgeable personnel that is the guiding force that propels the company’s continued growth worldwide.
Industry Expertise Sets MasterControl Apart from Competition
Discover how industry expertise motivates 
MasterControl to help customers succeed.

Approximately one-third of MasterControl’s staff comes from backgrounds in the business sectors that it serves, such as pharmaceutical, medical device, and general manufacturing industries. MasterControl has sought out the best and the brightest in these and other related fields to help develop and refine software and services that facilitate customer success. The know-how, familiarity, and empathy these experts have to offer helps MasterControl better steer the development of its products toward meeting customer needs because they have walked in the customers’ shoes. They understand the trials and complications of quality management, which makes them well qualified to provide the tools that can help quality professionals automate and simplify their tasks. Plus, they share the same goals and passion for their work as the regulatory and quality professionals that use MasterControl applications on a daily basis.

The time-honored proverb that “There is no substitute for experience” is an axiom that the MasterControl team has taken to heart. The company boasts uniquely qualified staffers who have medical device patents, clinical trial management expertise, IT experience with pharmaceutical companies, in-depth CAPA management knowledge, and other similar credentials that are relevant to MasterControl’s customer base. In addition, many MasterControl employees spend the majority of their working hours at customers’ sites, feeling their pains firsthand and working to streamline the operation of their quality systems.

It is the people behind the software that make MasterControl well suited to recognize and understand customer needs and help them become successful in their business goals. This focus on in-house industry experience is what truly differentiates MasterControl from its competitors. To learn more about MasterControl's culture of knowledge and its two-plus decades of experience meetingand exceedingcustomer expectations, watch this video

James Jardine is a Marketing Communications Specialist for MasterControl Inc. He has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Utah and is based in MasterControl’s headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.