Increased Disclosure of Food, Drug and Med Device - Did You Know?

Did You Know...

Did you know that democratic legislators are vying for the increased disclosure of food, drug and medical device information?

The House Energy and Commerce Committee leads the legislative initiative and hopes to implement said legislation for application to both foreign and domestic producers.

Kevin Freking of the Associated Press writes that the committee "proposed Thursday that all produce labels be required to show the country of origin. They also want food manufacturers of all kinds to identify on their corporate Web site where each ingredient in a particular food product originated."1

Disclosure of country origin information would also be required for the active drug ingredients or for medical devices.

An additional legislative "demand" would include more funds for the FDA, which finds itself sapped under the weight of its current responsibilities. The funding would be generated by fees directed towards food, drug and/or med device producers. The fees would be likely to affect consumers who would (in many cases) be required to make up a full or partial cost difference.

1 (Retrieved on April 18, 2008)

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