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New Interface Directly Uploads Scanned Documentation into Document Management System

Tired of typing electronic versions of paper documentation such as audit records, clinical documentation or shipping and receiving documents for storage in your document control system? Sick of recreating legacy documents like lab notebooks quotes, applications, and resumes? These are problems of the past, thanks to a new release script from MasterControl Inc. and Kofax.

MasterControl and Kofax have developed an interface that integrates Kofax scanning technology with MasterControl’s electronic document control system. The custom release script software now available from MasterControl makes it possible to use Kofax’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools to digitally capture existing documentation and directly upload and automatically store the scanned documents in a MasterControl system.

According to Warren English, IT director with Salix Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the scanning interface can be useful for converting documentation such as invoices, clinical documents and case report forms. English says the new document scanning software interface makes it possible for a company to consolidate its protocols for converting electronic documents. “Right now, some of our departments are doing that (scanning) on their own,” says English. “We’ve been looking at getting something set up to do it centrally. That makes (document scanning software) a useful thing for us.” English also brings up the point that the interface will allow companies currently outsourcing large amounts of documentation to contractors to save time and money by scanning in-house.

Pharmaceutical companies can benefit from the document scanning solution in a variety of ways. For example, electronic versions of early stage documentation may not be provided by external contract resources. Early non-clinical work done by an acquired entity, contract house or academic institution might not have been provided in electronic formats. The connector makes it possible to scan, index and secure all of this vital documentation.

The interface will also be of great benefit to medical device developers who need to scan data sheets created during design verification and validation testing, according to Matthew M. Lowe, product manager, medical device expert with MasterControl. “These sheets can number in the thousands for a single report and are often generated in a format that is not readily viewed by standard applications,” says Lowe. “Furthermore, many of these can be manually populated, making scanning the only solution for getting these records in an electronic format.” Lowe adds that survey data from design validation efforts and gathering of market needs are also prime candidates for a scanning application like the new interface.

Kofax, the world’s largest information capture vendor, provides the Ascent Capture software that automates information capture from scanned papers and imported electronic documents. Working in conjunction with Ascent Capture, MasterControl enables the automation of business processes by collecting paper documents, forms, and e-documents across an enterprise, transforming them into retrievable information, and delivering all the digital documentation to line-of-business applications, databases, and archives.

With the new document scanning software interface, users define the required criteria—an entire document or particular portion of extracted data—which is then digitized and automatically routed to the appropriate archive within the document management system. The new interface not only allows users to convert scanned images into searchable text, but they can also input many pages into the system simultaneously (depending on their Ascent Capture software settings). The release script also includes an indexing feature that compiles an index of the fields when documents are scanned, meaning that barcodes, document titles or any other types of useful information can be incorporated into saved documentation.

The automated access to GxP documentation provided by the new release script lets life science companies easily organize, search and track documents, thereby saving time, effort and money. The new interface also makes it possible to scan a document, strip off unwanted or irrelevant information, and create new titles and notes. Users can also select the most suitable document format, such as PDF or TIF (PDF being the most efficient since it allows searches for text within a document). Once in the document management system, documents can be routed, linked to other documents, escalated and approved electronically.

Users with an overwhelming volume of legacy paperwork now have the opportunity to make PDFs from any existing saved documents—paper or electronic—and create a single secure and organized electronic repository for all critical documentation. Future releases of the document scanning software interface will make it possible to create custom fields in scanned documents.

For more information about the new MasterControl/Kofax scanning technology, contact the MasterControl team at 800-825-9117 or visit the MasterControl website. Learn more about the MasterControl/Kofax document scanning software interface:


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