You Can Stop Wondering - Did You Know?

Did You Know?

It's common for blood and/or biologics companies to struggle with the continuous task of training management. Even if a company has access to a team of highly trained personnel with the express duties of managing training (a company usually doesn't have access to this) training management is still a daunting task.

Training regulations require that employees be trained when SOPs or other core quality documents are revised/updated. This requires a fairly length process: Employees have to be notified of upcoming training sessions and there must be a method of evaluating whether the employees participated in the respective training sessions (this information must be recorded). Those employees who did not participate have to be identified and re-invited to participate (i.e, follow-up and escalation) and then the process must continue various times throughout the year (i.e, difficulty in scheduling) and for distinct purposes (SOP revisions training, new employees, etc.) which may require the management of distinct groups of employees. This all becomes very complex very quickly. However, blood and biologics companies can stop wondering whether their training documentation and processes are under control with MasterControl's out-of-the-box document and training control solutions.

These solutions are easy to implement and easy to learn. They track and provide an audit trail for every type of documentation (document version control is also automatic) and when SOPs or other quality-related documents are updated the MasterControl Training™ solution is automatically triggered. The training solution tracks and trends all training information and provides training data in audit-trails and easy-to-read reports. Training invites, follow-ups and escalations are also handled automatically. MasterControl literally controls and automates document management and training practices and gives blood and biologics companies the chance to focus on something more than the mundane details of manual document management and training practices.