ASQ's Recent Annual Salary Survey - Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Why is it that quality professionals have "escaped" the jaws of an unpleasant economy? There are a variety of participating factors but when all is said and done quality professionals have come out on top.

It may also be interesting to note that ASQ's salary survey also found that those quality professionals who were certified and had considerable experience in their industry reaped greater salary benefits than their less-certified and less-experienced counterparts. For example, quality professionals with 20 years of experience or more earned a $94,029/year average, those with 10-20 years earned a $73,271/year average and those with less than 10 years experience earned a $73,271/year average.

According to ASQ's website/Media Room, "...the recent survey underscores that while quality professionals have not been immune to the recent economic recession, there are still opportunities for professional and monetary growth."

To learn more about ASQ's findings, please feel free to visit ASQ's Media Room.