Recent ASQ Survey Finds Companies Dissatisfied with BPOs

Did You Know?

Many companies seek the expertise of BPOs. Business Process Outsourcers have, in many cases, shown that the BPO model can save companies significant expense. However, a recent survey conducted by ASQ shows that those company representative respondents aren't expressing the satisfaction they'd like to express in their respective BPOs.


According to 34 percent of company representative respondents, BPOs are "falling below expectations" when it comes to "providing good value." Another 41 percent express dissatisfaction with their BPOs that have difficulties "assigning quality people for projects."

Two additional areas of concern include:

  • Meeting performance metrics (41 percent of respondents expressed concern)
  • Retention of key people assigned to projects (39 percent)


The ASQ survey concludes that "Improving process management is the number one way that BPO providers can best improve service," said Jean Harvey, ASQ business process outsourcing expert and author of Complex Service Delivery Processes. Harvey was also quoted in a recent press release as saying "While low cost gets a provider in the door, it's clear that those who innovate and provide best-in-class core processes that deliver superior value will be positioned for long-term success."