The AABB is Soliciting Public Comments From Blood/Biologics Industry

AABB Soliciting Public Comments


The AABB is soliciting public comments from the industry on the proposed 1st edition of Standards for Molecular Testing Laboratories. Comments must be provided by January 30, 2008.  The proposed standards include requirements for using molecular methods to predict ABO, Rh, and other blood group antigens on red cells, platelets, and neutrophils.  Comments are also being solicited on quality system requirements, operational standards, and the inventory resources necessary for the identification of targeted nucleotides that encode red cell, platelet, and granulocyte antigens.(Please download:

Instructions to Comment:

  1. Send comments by January 30, 2008 to the Standards Development Department, AABB National Office, 8101 Glenbrook Road, Bethesda, MD 20814; fax (301) 657-0957; email:
  2. Include you name and postal address/fax number/email address, as appropriate.
  3. Identify the standard by its number at the beginning of your comments.  This identification is especially helpful if you comment on more than one standard.
  4. Provide alternative wording if you think it would improve the clarity of a standard.  If you agree or disagree strongly with a proposed change, please state your reasons and/or submit data.

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