9 Crazy Cousins You Probably Shouldn’t Invite to This Year’s Thanksgiving Dinner and 9 Reasons You Could Invite SCORM (Compliance) Instead

Consider trading SCORM for the crazy 
cousins at this year's Thanksgiving feast.
Thanksgiving in the USA is a wonderful time of year when we are reminded of everything that we have and how lucky we are to have it. We express our gratitude for what we have, where we live and those we love. 

Despite all the gratitude we feel, however, there is a certain reluctance to share the holiday of thanks with certain so-called relatives we know, deep down, can’t really be related to us because they are….well…CRAZY.

Even if there’s an empty seat left at the Thanksgiving table because you didn’t invite Carol, Jake or Johnny, just remember that SCORM (as in SCORM compliance) will feel exactly like a member of the family.

Here are some of those crazy cousins you might want to encourage to have their own Thanksgiving dinner this year. After all, you’ll need to make room at the table for SCORM.

Cousin #1: Connie the Crier

It’s not that you don’t like Connie, it’s that she’s very emotional. When you and the family take turns expressing your gratitude and it’s Connie’s turn, you wonder if she will part the “sea” of her mashed potatoes with her salty tears and racking sobs. It’s not that she’s sad….it’s that she is VERY, VERY, VERY grateful. She also seems to have an in-depth knowledge of the early pilgrims and all of their suffering from a first-person perspective, which you’re pretty sure is not possible. You want her to express her thanks but what you really want to do is dig into that amazing cranberry and stuffing concoction that Dad put together and then go watch a movie.

Invite SCORM Instead: SCORM Will Never Make You Cry

When you invite SCORM to Thanksgiving dinner, the meal will never begin or end with tears. SCORM is actually quite unemotional, although you might be surprised at how happy it makes you to have access to SCORM-compliant e-material and a SCORM-compliant LMS. Don’t waste your time getting emotional about it however; SCORM doesn’t expect you to cry over anything.

Cousin #2: Ronda the Rowdy

You’ve always told everyone that Ronda is a great gal and it’s true! Ronda is really a one of a kind girl and you appreciate almost everything about her. However, sometimes your nerves become raw when she’s sitting across the table from you, kicking your legs and feet and checking the football game scores on her cell phone while smacking her food loudly like those cows you saw on a farm once who were chewing cud. The atmosphere becomes even more uncomfortable if Ronda’s favorite football team starts losing---you can bet every last dollar she’ll start shouting profanity at volumes that will rattle the dinner table. You love Ronda but how can you eat your green beans when your hands are shaking from all the tumult?

Invite SCORM Instead: SCORM Always Behaves

Here’s the thing about SCORM. It’s a very obedient individual.  It’s designed to comply in all situations regarding your training needs while at work, and in this case, is also designed to behave politely even when you go for thirds and you know you should wait until everyone has served themselves twice. Don’t worry, SCORM won’t tattle.

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Cousin #3: What’s his name again?

Thanksgiving can be a hectic time…..people running around carrying pies, kids bumping into tables, teenagers playing video games, grandparents trying to get the most out of all the chaos. It’s really the perfect time for strangers to slip in unnoticed. Have you ever been right in the middle of a scrumptious Thanksgiving feast and suddenly noticed that the guy sitting five seats away from you is no one you’ve ever seen before? He seems to be talking and laughing with everyone around him but the more you strain to hear if someone is calling him by name the more you realize that no one sitting next to him seems to know what his name is either. The whole situation is a bit stressful and quite embarrassing for all involved…except of course for the mystery man who has just “earned” a free Thanksgiving dinner.

Invite SCORM Instead: SCORM is Unforgettable

SCORM-compliant e-learning material and SCORM-compliant LMS systems are distinct and you won’t forget what they can do for you. Buying SCORM-compliant materials and solutions is a bit like buying a DVD and knowing it will work in any DVD player.* The DVD manufacturers and the DVD player manufacturers have figured out what the customers want…..ease of use and compatibility and that’s exactly what SCORM compliance has done for your LMS and e-learning materials. Don’t sweat it. You’ll never forget that SCORM belongs at your dinner table…or at least at work.

Cousin #4: Harold the Historian

The real story of the first Thanksgiving is apparently a great mystery to everyone in the USA because the story never seems to be told in the same way twice. In fact, it may be safe to assume that the same account has rarely been told. Sometimes you hear the story and the Europeans are well-meaning men and ladies and sometimes they are the worst possible destroyers who brought no good to the New World.

Frankly it can be a bit awkward hearing yet another account of the “first” Thanksgiving and wondering, once again, if this one is 40% accurate, 30% accurate or even less. It’s really hard to decide. And then there’s Harold, your wonderfully studious cousin who spends a great deal of time reading historical tomes (always with 800+ pages) that are filled with substantiated facts and nearly unreadable footnotes at the bottom of every page. You don’t mind that Harold is a walking encyclopedia. It’s actually great to know someone who can tell you the average annual rainfall of any geography on Earth but on Thanksgiving when Harold shouts out the “real” history of the first Thanksgiving complete with tales of despair, revelry and vocal footnotes, all you can do is look at the lemon meringue pie with longing eyes and wish that Harold was visiting a distant geography with a much higher annual rainfall. Does that make you a bad person? Of course not.

Invite SCORM instead: SCORM Stays Focused on the Present

SCORM is really the perfect dinner guest. SCORM stays focused on the present, gets the task at hand completed in an organized fashion, and won’t eat your lemon meringue pie. So have two pieces. That’s really how great it is to have SCORM over for dinner…especially Thanksgiving dinner.

Cousin #5: Bethany the Bully

Nobody likes a bully, especially while enjoying a golden turkey and pumpkin pie! But unfortunately Bethany’s never been the type who holds back. She tells you what’s wrong with you and what’s wrong with your children, what’s wrong with your favorite football game, what’s wrong with your latest haircut and what’s wrong with the socks you just bought from Costco. It’s just unfortunate that as you’re trying to express your gratitude you are reminded that Bethany doesn’t seem to be grateful for you.

Invite SCORM Instead: SCORM Treats You with Respect

SCORM is all about compliance. SCORM knows that causing trouble isn’t going to get you or your training necessities at work to a higher level of achievement. With SCORM, you can start to count your blessings now because SCORM is a lover…not a fighter.

Cousin #6: Robert with the Rippled Abs

Robert is the cousin in your family who has achieved the highest level of physical fitness. He’s participated in several professional fitness competitions and he drags barbells around when he takes a Sunday walk. He’s also trying out veganism this year, which is really admirable especially when perfectly prepared turkey is involved. Robert has a lot of discipline and frankly you’re impressed by his example of health.

However, when Robert comes to the dinner table with his shirt off and endlessly flirts with his first cousins and makes jokes about the Terminator movies (which seem really dated to you by now) you can’t help but wonder why you, once again, accepted the invitation to go anywhere you knew that Robert would be modeling his abdominals. After all, you really just want to be thankful and eat delicious food surrounded by loving people who are wearing their clothes. Is that really too much to ask?

Invite SCORM Instead: SCORM Dresses to Impress

SCORM, as you are well aware, has a sense of propriety. It knows the code it lives by and knows how to keep your e-training and LMS in sync and right in compliance. SCORM doesn’t have to undress to impress because deep down SCORM is already all that it is meant to be and always manages to wear the best of a very impressive business casual wardrobe.

Cousin #7: Spike the Spitter

Spike doesn’t mean to do it. Spike is a well-meaning individual and even reminds you of that adorable dinosaur (also called “Spike”) from the cartoon movie “The Land before Time.” He’s simply adorable and he gives the best hugs, but when he talks with you he tends to accidentally spit in your face and doesn’t seem to notice. Poor Spike. He wonders why everyone moves his name tag at the dinner table as far away as possible.

Invite SCORM Instead: SCORM Gives You the Right Feedback

Once you get SCORM-compliant e-learning materials that work with a SCORM-compliant LMS, you won’t want to get rid of a seamless solution. Standardization and continuously meeting best-practice training standards are the major goals of SCORM compliance. Good organization and predictability will make it easy for you to depend on SCORM compliance and the tools and materials that meet SCORM standards. With all this dependability you’re sure to have a more enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday when you invite SCORM to dinner and ask it to bring the rolls. 

Cousin #8: Jessica the Jealous

Jessica’s always had a jealousy issue. When she was younger she wanted her fellow cousins’ dresses or shoes or toys or candy….whatever she didn’t have, she wanted! And even though today we find that Jessica is a grown woman, she’s still a bit crazed with a case of envy. She wants a bigger house, a bigger yard, a bigger TV and kids with higher grades. She even wants to try everyone’s pie while it’s on their plates! Jessica is a “bit much.” She’s fun to be around from time to time but when she starts coveting your chocolate cream pie, you know that Jessica needs to throw her own Thanksgiving bash. 

Invite SCORM Instead: SCORM Won’t Let Unhealthy Emotions Get in the Way

SCORM is a wonderful and even-keeled guest to have for any holiday when envy is not welcome. SCORM is happy with exactly what it has and doesn’t ask for anything more except for the next version of SCORM which provides the latest and greatest of best-practice training standards. Other than that, SCORM is perfectly content. In fact SCORM will sit by you at the Thanksgiving table, ensuring that Jessica must sit elsewhere and pilfer someone else’s chocolate cream pie.

Cousin #9: Ted the Talker

Most people enjoy a good conversation. It’s nice to tell a story or hit the punchline of a joke at just the right moment but Ted just doesn’t seem to know that a conversation involves other people, too. Ted could be a great conversationalist but until the conversation isn’t completely one-sided, it’s hard to claim that you’re thankful for Ted your endlessly talking cousin. Oh dear!

Invite SCORM Instead: SCORM Doesn’t Overdo It

SCORM isn’t interested in “catching up” during the holiday break and is a very casual and even conversationalist. It might tell you a bit too much about the latest and greatest training practices but all in all, SCORM will mostly spend its time listening to you and everything you’re thankful for during this year’s Thanksgiving.

MasterControl’s SCORM-compliant LMS

In addition to wishing you and yours (and yes, ALL of your cousins) a very happy Thanksgiving this year, MasterControl provides a SCORM-compliant LMS that can be used across life science, high-tech and other regulated industries. The SCORM-compliant MasterControl LMS will also politely accept all dinner invitations.

The DVD manufacturer and DVD player manufacturer example found in this article was originally found in this article: http://scorm.com/scorm-explained/

Marci Crane is MasterControl's Localization Manager. MasterControl provides a SCORM-compliant LMS that is simply waiting to be invited to dinner. In her spare time, Marci enjoys long walks on the beach and distant (or not-so-distant) cousins who inadvertently offer her great ideas for anecdotal writing.