12 Free Resources to Supercharge Your Supplier Management System

Outsourcing to suppliers is compulsory 
in today’s dynamic business environment. 
“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what
they want." 
- Zig Ziglar

To get what they truly want, businesses—just like people—often must rely on outside help. Even the most adept companies brandishing the best ideas need to rely on external collaborators at some point if they want to achieve their aspirations and accomplish big tasks. Partnering and outsourcing are compulsory, mutually beneficial practices in today’s dynamic business environment.

Unless they are managed well, however, too many cooks in a business’ kitchen can ruin the end product. In too many instances, the continual requirements of evaluating and monitoring vendors, partners, and suppliers to ensure they maintain an acceptable level of quality can quickly snowball into a mountain of insurmountable tasks. Those requirements become even more intimidating and intense when a company does business in regulatory environments.

The Starting Point for Improved Supplier Management

How does a company go about improving its ability to handle suppliers, vendors, and other outside parties? The Supplier Toolkit available from MasterControl includes 12 complimentary resources that are specifically tailored to help businesses establish efficient and compliant supplier management programs. The toolkit is the result of the investment of more than 360 hours by MasterControl experts who have dedicated their careers to improving quality processes like supplier management.

The Supplier Toolkit includes: 
  • Videos: These resources show how companies can enhance supplier monitoring and communication, streamline problem solving, and leverage automated tools to better manage supplier-oriented processes.
  • White Paper: The “How to Successfully Manage Your Suppliers and Ensure Product Safety and Compliance” white paper provides tips on minimizing supply chain risks, ensuring regulatory compliance, and optimizing outsourcing investments.
  • Supplier-related Articles Curated from the GxP Lifeline Blog: Articles about supplier qualification, supply-chain risk mitigation, and supplier quality and reliability assurance offer suggestions for enhancing all critical elements of supplier management.
  • Data Sheets: Detailed descriptions about MasterControl’s supplier management products and services demonstrate how leveraging automated solutions can lead to increased profitability and accelerated compliance.

Benefits of Improving Supplier Management
In addition to optimized business performance, a company can realize improvements in many more areas by applying the strategies provided in the Supplier Toolkit, such as:
  •         Sustained regulatory compliance
  •         Cost reduction
  •         Formation of loyal, lasting relationships
  •         Enhanced risk mitigation 
  •         Increased administrative efficiency
  •         Positive branding

To learn more about the many benefits of increasing the efficiency of your company’s supplier management system, download MasterControl’s Supplier Toolkit.

James Jardine is a marketing communications specialist for MasterControl Inc. He has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Utah and is based in MasterControl’s headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.