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    2019 Nutraceutical Trends: Relevant During COVID-19

    Five major trends hit nutraceuticals last year. For the most part, those trends played out as expected. What was not expected was for the year to end in the COVID-19 pandemic. We’d like to take a look at how the pandemic has changed last year’s trends and what the future likely holds for the nutraceutical industry.

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    Top 5 Nutraceutical Trends of 2019 – Pet Supplements

    Supplements aren’t just for people anymore. The pet supplement market has grown with the human supplement market and there’s every indication that it will continue to do so. Taking advantage of this trend involves producing better quality supplements, conducting clinical research, and embracing technology to improve production.

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    Top 5 Nutraceutical Trends in 2019 — Nutricosmetics

    In 2019, more nutraceutical companies are nudging their way into the cosmetics space with the concept of “beauty from within.” With a focus on how nutrition affects physical appearance, nutricosmetics bridge the gap between nutrition and beauty and open new opportunities for supplement companies.

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    Top 5 Nutraceutical Trends in 2019 - Cannabis Is In

    Cannabis is in. It’s achieved a level of trendiness that few, if any, ingredients ever have. Nutraceutical companies are pushing the envelope when it comes to cannabis products, but there are a number of legal ramifications that need to be considered before jumping into this market.

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    Top 5 Nutraceutical Trends in 2018 - Conducting Clinical Trials on Nutraceuticals

    Nutraceutical companies have never been required to conduct clinical trials. However, many are now voluntarily taking on this endeavor to show that their products work as advertised. This adds legitimacy to nutraceuticals and provides a better value for consumers, but the complexity of clinical trials presents a significant hurdle.

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    Top 5 Nutraceutical Trends in 2018 - Getting Creative With Protein

    The protein supplement category is no longer exclusively for hardcore athletes. The general population is now full of people who are concerned that they’re not getting enough protein in their diets. These consumers are increasingly turning to supplements to fill the void.

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    Top 5 Nutraceutical Trends in 2018 - Exploring Different Delivery Methods

    The nutraceutical world is constantly evolving to meet consumer needs and the search for alternative delivery forms is a prime example of this. To combat pill fatigue, supplements now come in liquids, powders, lotions and sprays, but companies embracing innovation need to be aware of the challenges they face.

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    Top 5 Nutraceutical Trends in 2018 – Functional Foods

    The dietary supplement and functional foods markets overlap to a certain extent. Rather than trying to resist this, nutraceutical companies can get the best of both worlds by expanding their offerings to include functional snacks and beverages.

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    Avoiding the Top 5 Violations of 21 CFR Part 111

    All dietary supplement companies must comply with the CGMPs outlined in 21 CFR Part 111. However, doing this and recording it is easier said than done. The top 5 violations recorded by the FDA show which areas need the most improvement and how automated systems can help

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    Using a QMS to Qualify Your Suppliers

    Adulterated supplements and adverse events have long been the bane of the nutraceutical industry. However, this shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be the norm. By qualifying suppliers or ingredients, nutraceutical companies not only comply with CGMPs, they also protect their customers.

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    Using the Newly-Approved Dietary Fibers in Supplements

    Many consumers don't get enough fiber, leading to health problems that are especially prevalent as people get older. Fiber supplements can help fill the gap, and now the FDA has expanded its definition of dietary fiber to include eight more sources.

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  • 2018-bl-thumb-what-the-new-ruling-means-for-caffeine-supplements

    What the FDA’s New Ruling Means for Caffeine Supplements

    Most of us need caffeine to get through the day, whether from coffee, soda or energy drinks. For those seeking alternate sources, nutraceutical companies have been happy to oblige. However, recent headlines about dangerous caffeine supplements and subsequent action by the FDA might be worrisome to consumers and manufacturers.

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    Top 5 Up-and-Coming Trends for Nutraceuticals in 2018

    Business is booming for nutraceuticals as consumers turn to vitamins, minerals, herbs, innovative foods and other natural products to improve their health. The industry has expanded its focus to not just provide natural, clean products but also innovative, high-quality ones. The five biggest trends for 2018 reflect this, bringing new steps and creativity to the product development process.

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    The Right EQMS for the Homeopathy Crackdown

    For nutraceutical companies, recent headlines promising an FDA crackdown on homeopathic products were probably a bit unsettling. Traditionally the FDA hasn't been involved with homeopathy, but this new guidance means that companies will have to become compliant with these six risk-based categories.

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