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    How Sustainable Manufacturing Can Help the Environment and Your ROI

    Sustainable manufacturing is no longer just a buzzword that looks good in your company’s annual report. Technology has advanced to the point where implementing sustainable manufacturing best practices can reduce waste and energy use while still delivering the quality, cost-effective products your customers want.

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    Santa Embraces Manufacturing Excellence

    When you’ve got a hard deadline, efficiency is everything and no one knows this better than Santa. While he has the entire year to prepare for December 25th, he’s also preparing up until the last second to ensure he’s got everything ready for the big day. To pull this off, he needs a reliable digital production records solution.

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    How Supervillains Could Benefit From a Manufacturing Operations Solution

    In the epic good vs. evil paradigm in superhero movies, supervillains could actually improve their odds if they used the right technology. This article looks at three noted supervillains and discusses how their nefarious agendas might have been more successful had they used a digital manufacturing operations solution.

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