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  • 2020-bl-manufacturing-excellence-03_132x132

    Maintaining Quality in the Fast-Paced Contract Manufacturing Industry

    All eyes are on contract manufacturers to help make COVID-19 vaccinations available throughout the globe. Increased scrutiny of the industry has brought an issue to the forefront: maintaining product quality while working at a rapid pace. With a modern manufacturing solution, it’s possible to prioritize both.

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    Insights Into APAC and Modern Manufacturing

    At MasterControl, we are broadening our gaze to the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Managing Director of APAC, Sara Bresee, weighs in on why modern manufacturing solutions are critical to APAC and around the globe. A digital system is what’s needed to be adaptable, meet regulatory requirements, and deliver the high level of quality your customers deserve.

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  • Happy Manufacturing Day!

    To celebrate Manufacturing Day, we’re encouraging future manufacturers to look at some of the exciting trends happening in the industry. This includes organizations coming together to address COVID-19 and stepping into the world of artificial intelligence.

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  • 2020-bl-cloud-ultimate-guide2_132x132

    Cloud-based QMS Launches in Australia

    MasterControl’s cloud-based quality management system (QMS) is now available in Australia. An increasing number of businesses are modernising their operations and discovering the advantages of cloud computing. Explore the ways cloud technology makes it possible to enhance your competitive edge.

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  • 2019-bl-thumb-humans-and-robots-on-the-factory-floor

    Industry 5.0: Top 3 Things You Need to Know

    Whether you like it or not, you should brace yourself for Industry 5.0. The term refers to people working alongside robots and smart machines. If that definition brought to mind the image of Will Smith battling evil robots in the movie “I, Robot,” here are a few things you need to know about Industry 5.0.

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  • 2020-bl-covid-19-flexible-scalable-manufacturing-thumbnail

    COVID-19 Highlights Need for Flexible, Paperless Manufacturing Processes

    The pandemic has highlighted the need for a faster, more flexible and scalable manufacturing environment that balances speed with compliance. While paper-based processes can slow production down or jeopardize quality, paperless production processes can streamline operations, reduce errors and readily leverage data critical to ensuring quality. A configurable, purpose-built electronic device history record (eDHR) application can be fast to implement and deliver quantifiable benefits.

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  • 2019-bl-thumb-turning-mistakes-into-marvels

    Turning Mistakes Into Marvels on the Manufacturing Floor

    Errors. Oversights. Accidents. Mishaps. Bloopers. Gaffes. Fails. Call them what you will, mistakes on the manufacturing floor are unavoidable. And while they usually carry a negative connotation, sometimes a mistake can make a lasting impact for the better.

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    Ugly Babies, Silent Enemies and Other Short Stories from a Continuous Improvement Conference

    Continuous improvement professionals, managers, and executives from the U.S. and Canada presented at the recent Canadian Lean Conference in June 2018, which drew about 1,000 business leaders to Winnipeg. Presenters shared lessons and results from lean transformation efforts as well as some personal journeys. Here’s a digest of some of the stories I heard.

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  • 2018-bl-thumb-manufacturing-software-trends-july-2018

    The #1 Gap in Manufacturing Software Today

    It’s 2018 and technology has pervaded every area of our lives. Yet a visit to almost any manufacturing floor reveals that paper is alive and well, even in forward-thinking companies with strong IT strategies and digital transformation initiatives in place. Why is it that the truly paperless factory floor remains so elusive?

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  • MFG DAY 2015: U.S. Manufacturing at a Glance

    In recent years, a swing in public perception has led to widely held misconceptions of United States manufacturing – that modern manufacturing environments are dark, dangerous and antiquated factories designed for low-skilled workers.

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